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Here’s What Some Of Our Customers In The Wider Sydney Area Had To Say


“I booked in time for a free inspection online and had the team show up at 11am on the dot! After using their camera to inspect the pipes they were able to show me the cause of my problem and gave me a quote to repair the damage. All work was completely quickly and without any problems, they cleaned up after finishing and left me with a video recording of the work carried out.”

Christine Arpin, Ashfield


I called The Relining Company for an emergency job in the morning, Steve arrived two hours later and after a quick inspection gave us a quote on the spot. Our pipes were fixed by that afternoon and I even got a USB with before and after videos to show me exactly what the problem was and how it was solved.

Jacob Platt, Hurstville

Plunge Failure? Time For Plan B. When the plunge fails to deliver the expected results, this is usually the best time to hire our comprehensive blocked drain service package guaranteed to unblock your drains in the cleanest way and shortest time possible.

Moreover, you don't have to pay a cent if we fail to unblock your drains!

In most cases, our $99 Plunge is usually efficient enough to fix the blockage, but sometimes, the issues causing the blockage may be too complex for a simple plunge fix. That's when a CCTV inspection comes into play. Our skilled technicians use CCTV footage to closely examine the blockage. If the problem is serious, we usually recommend that you get our full service package. The service package entails:

  • PLUNGE - $99

    This is usually the first and the simplest measure used to fix a blocked drain.

  • JET BLAST 1hr - $250

    After a failed Plunge attempt, our high-pressure Jet Blaster is usually next in line. It uses high-pressure streams of water to blast through the clogging materials or blockage in your pipes.


    We also use CCTV footage to closely examine the blockage in your pipes (between 40mm and 600mm in diameter) checking for severe issues or any impending ones.

  • ACID WASH - $200

    Our concentrated sulphuric acid is usually guaranteed to remove any greasy materials, fats and even tree roots leaving your drains clean and free of blockage.

*all prices are exclusive of GST

Need Your Drains Unblocked?

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Free Camera Inspection with every Jet Blast!

Need Your Drains Unblocked?

Request a call back & secure your
$0 call out fee.

How Do We Help You To Prevent Future Blockages?

Since prevention is always better than cure, it’s always good to carry out long-term preventive measures to ensure the durability and overall health of your drains. The plunge, acid wash, and jet blaster do not always fix the problems permanently. In some cases, our CCTV inspections may uncover impending problems that can occur in the future. That’s why we have an array of preventive services that can help you to avoid future drain clogging issues. Our preventive services include:

  • No Dig Pipe Relining - This is yet another neat and permanent solution to tree root blockages. This method uses the Germen Keyhole Technology to fix cracked and blocked drains permanently.
  • Robotic cutting - In case the Jet Blaster fails to unblock a drain, our robotic cutter comes into play. It is used to effectively remove stoutly attached blockage materials and any dislodgement within your drains.
  • Drain replacements - If the blockage is severe and irreparable, then drain replacement is usually the only remaining option. It involves replacing the old drain pipes with newer, stronger and durable ones.

I Have a Blocked Drain! How and Why Did It Happen??


Most blocked drains are usually caused by tree root growth. Owing to the fact that most drains fitted in the past were made of clay pipes all joined by rubber ring joints, the deterioration of the rubber often creates weak spots on the drainage system. This means that tree roots get an easy path into the drains in search of water.

Eventually, the roots end up overgrowing in the pipes thus causing blockage in the drainage system. Sometimes the situation worsens when the soil surrounding the drain becomes wet and heavy hence collapsing the drain pipe. To avoid tree root related problems, it always advisable to have your blocked drains repaired and fitted with a new and preventive inner lining.


It is no secret that food is essential for human survival, but if you handle it in the wrong way, it can be the root of numerous drain blockage issues. Over time, grease and fats from food accumulate in our drains eventually leading to a blockage.

Sadly, there’s very little you can do to prevent this type of blockage because it is usually natural, gradual and almost impossible to avoid. That’s why we always come up with effective ways to free your drains of food materials and grease build-up blockages.

Some of our most efficient methods include the Acid Wash and the use of our high-pressure Jet Blaster. Both methods help in breaking down the fat and grease build-ups in your drains.


Over the course of our blocked drain repairs, we’ve come across quite a number of unique blockages. Most of these blockages are usually caused by people flushing the wrong things into their drains. Sometimes it’s usually accidental, but in other instances, it’s usually intentional.

Despite the concerted efforts made by Sydney Water, drain blocking materials like Rags, Nappies, Cotton Buds, Wipes, Sanitary Items, Cigarette Buds, Dental Floss and many others still find their way into household drains thus causing the blockage.

In light of the time, effort and costs that come with fixing a blocked drain, we strongly recommend that you only flush human waste and toilet paper down your toilets. This will greatly assist in easing Sydney’s waste management process.

I Have A Blocked Drain; What Should I Do Now?

You should note that blocked drain issues worsen with every passing minute. That means that the longer you wait to seek assistance the more the damage on your drains. If you have a blocked drain, it’s always good to act promptly by seeking the help of a trusted and professional blocked drain service provider in Sydney.

We are always ready on call to fix any of your drain related issues, therefore Call Us Now on 0404 879 929 and we’ll have one of our skilled technicians on your doorstep ready to make your drain clogging problems disappear.

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