Annandale Pipe Relining and Blocked Drain Services

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to find a plumbing issue, which is why our business is focused on satisfying our clients’ needs and getting their systems back up and running as quickly as possible. The Relining Company offers quality maintenance and repairs, with a quick response time and innovative solutions, to ensure that our clients are getting the best plumbing services available today.

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Named after Annan in Scotland, Annandale was one of Sydney’s first land grants, and belonged to Major George Johnston after whom many of the suburb’s features are named such as Johnstons Street, Lane, Creek and Bay. Today Annandale is a beautiful Inner West neighbourhood with a number of heritage listed buildings and some of Sydney’s most impressive real estate. This kind of quality architecture requires an experienced plumber to provide similarly high quality pipe relining and blocked drain services.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Annandale include:



Annandale Pipe Repair

While many would groan at the thought of having to dig out a damaged pipe to replace it with a new one, they are probably unaware that the plumbing industry has advanced pretty far from this traditional way of repairing plumbing systems.

Today pipe relining is used to repair plumbing without having to dig a trench and pull out the damaged pipe. It works by using epoxy resin mixed with a hardening agent to line the inside of the pipe through a small entry hole, repairing the damage with no excavation.


This technique has a number of advantages:


  • Quality guaranteed. Pipe relining is durable and has a life expectancy of up to 50 years, allowing us to give a massive 35 years quality guarantee.
  • Trenchless relining. Relining doesn’t require the digging of a trench, which saves home owners a lot of time and lowers the chance of damage to their residence.
  • Affordable quotes. The Relining Company offer competitive pricing on pipe relining that is often cheaper than traditional pipe replacement.

Annandale Blocked Drain Services

Annandale plumbing can be pretty old and with years of use blocked drains become a common issue. Our blocked drain services in Annandale are fast, effective and based on years of experience in the field. After our quick response time we offer a number of simple to more involved solutions to ensure that your drain is unblocked without delay.


Annandale Root Damage Repair

Root damage occurs to pipe when trees find small cracks in plumbing and begin to grow inside it, widening the structural damage. The Relining Company is a specialist provider of tree root damage repair. This involves inspecting the damage with a camera, then clearing out the roots from the pipe and repairing the damage through relining. Our method is none invasive and is designed to repair the damage without the need for digging or excavation of the pipe or tree.


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