“What’s blocked my drain?” | Blocked drain repair

An overview of the most common causes of blocked drains – and what you can do to prevent them.
foreign objects blocked drain

Blocked drain: Tree Roots

Once a tree roots takes hold of a pipe via a small crack, it can invade quickly. In some species roots spread further than the branches themselves, particularly for some popular Sydney species. So if you have large trees, you’ll also have large roots. Powerful roots. Roots that can puncture pipes, back up your toilet and mess with the neighbour’s stormwater drains. Before planting, find out where your pipes are, making sure to consider how it will grow in the future

Blocked drain: Cooking Grease

It’s so much easier to send cooking grease down the sink, rather than disposing of it in the bin – messy, wet, hot. Ugh. However when grease cools, it congeals and sticks, turning into a hard blockage that can partially or fully block the pipe. Try pouring it into another container destined for the tip instead, or feed it to your compost – it can take a little at a time.

Blocked drain: Hair

Most times it’s a relatively easy task to simply ‘remove the hair’, albeit a little gross. But as parents of long-haired girls would know, a build up further along the pipe can cause serious issues. A quick swipe of your drain after every shower will help mitigate this issue.

Blocked drain: Foreign Objects

The out-of-sight, out-of-mind theory often applies to plumbing. A lot of leftovers? Chuck it down the toilet. No rubbish bin in the bathroom? Just flush that sanitary item away. Curious toddler wants to see what happens when he presses the button? Bye bye small toy. All of these can cause serious blockages. Be vigilant.


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