Wetherill Park Bowlarama saved

Bowlarama Wetherill Park

Wetherill Park Bowlarama saved

Wetherill Park Bowlarama blocked drains saved by pipe relining

The Relining Company recently received a call by the Bowlarama Wetherill Park that the kitchen drains were blocking up.

Using our nifty drain camera, we found that a section of the PVC inspection cap had collapsed, in the pipes that lay underneath the establishment’s carpark. After robotically grinding the pipe back open, we installed a junction liner which is specifically designed to seal all three sides.


Bowlarama could go back to business as usual, happy we didn’t have to dig up the car park floor! It’s not every day you can say a carpark was saved by pipe relining (tongue-twister alert).

Got a blocked drain? Call us today.

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