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Brawoliner vs Nuflow vs Magma Flex: The Relining Company’s Expert Take on Brands You Can Trust

In the heart of Sydney, as tree roots weave underground and the city is forever expanding and changing, the need for effective infrastructure and pipe relining solutions is paramount.

Making the right choice between brands like Brawoliner, Nuflow, and Magma Flex can spell the difference between temporary fixes and long-lasting pipe health.

The Relining Company, rooted in years of experience and unwavering commitment to quality, wants to give our customers and the broader Sydney community important information about these leading brands.

Through this exploration, we aim to guide property owners to make informed decisions, ensuring that the lifelines of their properties — pipes and drains — remain robust and reliable.


When we do recommend it

In the vast world of pipe relining, Brawoliner often stands out as our top pick for many applications. The distinctive edge? It’s the market’s sole seamless liner, fortified with a distinctive green epoxy resin. This epoxy acts as a protective shield, filling every crevice of the host pipe, thereby averting water leaks and the tenacious invasion of tree roots.

With half a century in the business, Brawoliner’s reputation transcends just their products. Their diverse equipment range simplifies the installation, catering to varied applications. Whether you need a resin with a swift cure time, liners of diverse sizes, or transition liners for varying pipe diameters, Brawoliner has got you covered.

When we don’t recommend it

While Brawoliner excels in many areas, it may not be the ideal choice for commercial setups. Designed with a tilt towards residential properties, its protective coating might falter under high temperatures of aggressive chemicals.

Historically, it was more tailored for pipes with a maximum diameter of 225mm. Though they’ve recently ventured into larger sizes, the elevated cost, driven by lower demand, can be a deterrent.

Do we use it?

Brawoliner is a staple in our arsenal. Accounting for about 90% of our daily installations, it’s not only readily available but also holds a renowned position in the industry.


  • Durability: Comes with a solid 50-year product guarantee.
  • User experience: Known for its user-friendliness.
  • Flexibility: Can adeptly reline through multiple bends.
  • Origin: Proudly German-manufactured.
  • Sealing: The external epoxy coating ensures a watertight seal.
  • Variety: A broad spectrum of sizes and applications to choose from.
  • Support: Commendable customer service.


  • Pricing: Tends to be pricier compared to rival products.
  • Commercial use: Not the top choice for commercial properties.
  • Size limit: Does not offer liners exceeding 400mm in diameter.
  • Supplier limitation: Exclusive to only one Australian supplier.
  • Overstretch risk: While its flexibility is often an asset, there’s a risk of the liner stretching beyond the desired point during installations, posing challenges for the team.


When we do recommend it

While Aussies usually prefer homegrown products, we’ve always sidelined Nuflow from our recommended list. Hailing from Queensland, Nuflow holds the charm of the green and gold label, resonating with Australian pride and our high benchmarks. But in the realm of pipe relining, history and experience heavily sway our choices.

Rooted in German innovation, the pipe relining technique has evolved over decades, reaching a finesse that’s hard to match. Nuflow, operating on a franchise model, necessitates exclusive use of its product under a licensed agreement. As installers, our ethos revolves around adaptability, selecting the right product tailored to the task at hand, and ensuring optimal results.

When we don’t recommend it

Nuflow’s installation process raises concerns. The blue epoxy resin, absorbed by a felt liner, is placed inside the pipe, essentially nesting a new pipe within the old, without any seal to the host pipe.

This design invites moisture leakage, granting tree roots an entry ticket. Furthermore, the presence of a stitched seam, lacking the seamless advantage, emerges as a potential weak link that might succumb to ground movements over time.

Do we use it? 

Given the aforementioned reasons, we choose not to use Nuflow as a relining solution in our products.


  • Affordability: Cost-effective and easy on the wallet.
  • Proximity: Being a local product, it’s readily available.
  • Assistance: Commendable customer service.
  • Simplicity: Known for its hassle-free installation.
  • Cleanliness: The internal resin keeps things tidy.


  • Seam concerns: The presence of a seam in the liner poses potential risks.
  • Resin placement: The internal resin lacks the protective edge of external coatings.
  • Licensing: A mandatory license restricts product versatility.
  • Accountability: Any arising issues can often lead to a blame game with the manufacturer, typically pointing fingers at the installer.

Magma Flex

When we do recommend it

Magma Flex stands out with its exceptional resilience and durability. Designed for demanding scenarios, especially in the commercial sector, this liner showcases unmatched capability to withstand high temperatures and counteract aggressive chemicals.

Its fibreglass reinforcement, capped with a potent PU coating, stands as a testament to its robustness.

When we don’t recommend it

No product is without its limitations, and Magma Flex is no exception. While it excels in many domains, it occasionally falters when precision is demanded, such as in relining intricate bends or specific boundary traps.

The liner’s design, unfortunately, necessitates the use of more material than some of its counterparts, amplifying project costs.

Do we use it?

Given its strengths, we predominantly employ Magma Flex for projects within the commercial realm and for relining larger-diameter pipes.


  • Structural integrity: Offers outstanding support to the host pipe.
  • Seamless finish: Exterior epoxy resin ensures a watertight seal.
  • Chemical fortitude: Demonstrates admirable resistance to chemicals.
  • Heat resilience: Excellently manages elevated temperatures.


  • Cost intensive: Leans on the pricier side in comparison to other liners.
  • Material consumption: Requires a generous amount of material, leading to heightened expenses.
  • Size variability: Limited range in terms of pipe diameter options.
Pipe relining project Sydney

Key takeaways

In the complex world of sewer and drain lining, understanding the nuances between different brands is important. Relining isn’t just a repair — it’s an investment in efficient, safe, and long-lasting solutions.

Brawoliner, Nuflow, and Magma Flex all bring unique strengths to the table. Whether you prioritise a corrosion-resistant finish, a root-resistant barrier, or a water-tight seal, there’s a product tailored to meet those specific demands.

However, the effectiveness of any lining hinges on more than just the product. It requires meticulous work, the right tools, and in-depth knowledge to ensure the repair restores the drain to a structurally sound state, free from future damage threats. That’s where we come in.

Work with The Relining Company

Having worked extensively with all the aforementioned brands, we stand as a part of a niche community that doesn’t merely offer repairs, but solutions. Our trust in these brands stems from firsthand experience and consistent performance outcomes.

As you think about your next relining project, remember that beyond the products, it’s the experts you collaborate with that make all the difference. For any questions or uncertainties, trust us to guide you.

We’re not just here to do a job; we’re here to ensure your pipes remain uncompromised, effective, and resilient for years to come.

Pipe relining team chatting about business

FAQ: Your plumbing questions answered

Why choose our plumbing company for sewer and drain repairs?

With our vast experience in the field and unwavering commitment to the highest standards, we offer the best quality of services in Sydney, from the North Shore to the Eastern Suburbs. You can trust us to tackle everything from blockages to full sewer repairs.

What’s the benefit of pipe repair methods without excavation or digging?

This technology saves homeowners from the hassle of excavating gardens, driveways, or landscaping. Without trenches and unnecessary digging, there’s less debris, less waste, and less money spent on restoration.

How do I know if my sewer pipes need repair or replacement?

Regular camera inspections can reveal blockages, damage, or debris in your sewer lines. If you suspect an issue, call our plumbers for an expert inspection and advice.

What makes you stand out from other plumbing companies and their services?

Beyond our training and certification, we prioritise client needs and offer flexible payment plans to fit every budget. Our reviews speak volumes about our operation standards.

Are textile liners effective for stormwater systems and sewer repairs?

Textile liners are a robust and efficient method for both sewer and stormwater systems. Their advantages include being root-resistant, water-tight, and having a long life expectancy.

Can tree roots affect my sewer lines?

Absolutely. Trees can cause significant blockage and pressure on sewer lines, leading to potential damage. Our pipe repair methods, however, offer a solution that’s resistant to tree root invasion.

How do I get a quote for your plumbing services?

Simply visit our website or get in touch directly via 0404 879 929.

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