Drain Repair: 5 Reasons for Trenchless Pipe Relining

Drain Repair: 5 Reasons for Trenchless Pipe Relining

The Pipe Relining Team Removing Tree Roots from Drains

A damaged drain is a nightmare for anyone who owns a home, not only can it do extensive damage to the property, it can also affect your ability to do even the simplest tasks around the house, like flush your toilet or take a shower. Blocked drains, flooding and water logging can all happen in an instant.


Luckily there are some options when it comes to drain repair. There is traditional pipe replacement, which basically involves excavating out the old pipe and replacing it with a new one. Or there is trenchless pipe relining, which uses a small keyhole to insert an epoxy resin material, which then sets against the walls of the existing pipe, repairing the damage.


There are significant advantages to using trenchless pipe relining over traditional methods, including:


Trenchless pipe relining is significantly less destructive

blocked drains? why dig when you can pipe reline

Traditional methods of pipe replacement involve excavation. This means digging up your floor, backyard or driveway and causing significant damage to your home as the professionals replace your old pipe.


Trenchless pipe relining requires only a small keyhole to be able to insert the epoxy resin material into the pipe. After this is done the epoxy resin sets and become the new walls of your existing drain. It is a simple and non-destructive method of repairing what could be a serious issue within the home.


Trenchless pipe relining will save you time


Excavation and repairing the damage that it does can require heavy machinery and a lot of work. This can take a long time to complete, forcing the residents of the house to find alternative accommodation while the water is switched off.


Trenchless pipe relining on the other hand can often take as little as one day, meaning you can get back to your normal life faster!


It will also save you money


Not only does trenchless pipe relining take less time for the fix, it also uses less heavy machinery and less manpower. This all means that trenchless pipe relining can cost significantly less than a traditional repair, sometimes half the price of replacing your old pipes.


Trenchless pipes enjoy improved functionality


damaged pipe repaired with pipe relining cross section

Aside from the advantages to your wallet trenchless pipes also have other advantages. Because a trenchless pipe is a single sheet of material set against the walls of your existing pipe it is smooth, with no joins or weak points. This makes them more resistant to damage from tree roots and allows for less restricted flow of water through your drains.


Trenchless pipes are extremely durable


Epoxy resin for pipe relining such as Brawoliner starts off as a flexible material that can be manipulated into a pipe. Once it sets however, it becomes as hard as concrete, making it an extremely durable replacement for your pipes. This durability can significantly extend the life of your pipes by up to fifty years, meaning that they don’t have to be revisited for a very long time.

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