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How Pipe Relining Can Save You Money

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Pipe relining is the newest and most innovative solution for drain and pipe repair that is taking Australian waterways by storm. Compared to traditional pipe repair methods, pipe relining requires no excavation, very little disturbance to the property and withstands the test of time with strength and reliability. Property owners around the country are turning to pipe relining when their drains are clogged, smelly, leaking or malfunctioning, and for very good reason.

Modern vs Traditional Methods – what’s the difference?

Although both modern relining and traditional plumbing methods have the same goal – to get your pipes running perfectly – certain overheads come with traditional plumbing that nobody enjoys.

The comparison between relining and traditional plumbing is as below:

Traditional PlumbingModern Pipe Relining
Invasive – digging is a considerable concern when pipes are located deep underground or beneath established buildings, as the need for major trenching will impact business operations and household routines.No digging is required.
Time-consuming – Major plumbing works require approval from the council which takes a long processing time and inspections.No extensive approvals or inspections.
Expensive – Not only will you have to pay for the plumbing process, but also the costs of getting the site back to its former glory with relandscaping, paving or restoration.No relandscaping, paving, reinstation or restoration is needed.
Dangerous – pipes are often located along sidewalks and underneath walkways that are commonly used by the public. Excavating these areas can pose a threat to the use of these spaces and put your family and the public in harm’s way.Without the need to excavate – life can continue as normal.

Trenchless pipe repair has several advantages over traditional plumbing methods and is guaranteed to save you time, money and effort when clearing blocked drains and repairing pipes for lifelong function.

Non-Invasive Relining Protects Your Property & Your Budget

The health and function of the pipes is often the last thing that property owners consider when conquering their mountainous list of to-dos. Leaving them to the last minute can often make the problem worse and more difficult to fix, and when it comes to traditional plumbing – far more expensive. This can potentially put your family and the health of your household at risk, leaving you with a huge bill and a time-consuming repair process.

The cost savings of pipe relining begin right from the get-go with shorter labour times overall. If you’re like the thousands of homeowners who leave their pipes to the last minute – your relining bill won’t increase by nearly as much as it would with traditional plumbing methods.

It is normal for pipes to deteriorate and age over time as they are used day in, day out, for countless times a day with all kinds of elements running through them. With modern trenchless pipe relining, you no longer must worry about the need to replace pipes, no matter how extensive the damage or how long you’ve kept it off your list of chores.

How We Can Help…

We use CCTV cameras to explore your pipes to assess the damage, which removes the need for excavation entirely and will significantly lower labour costs. More so, the materials used for pipe relining are cheaper overall than that of traditional plumbing. Through this process, we can offer an extensive insight into what is required for your quote, meaning no hidden surprises or extra add ons to your invoice. Your quote will account for the extent of damage, the size of the pipe, the ease of access to the pipes and drains and any special risk factors such as pressure or high temperature which may make the process more intrusive.

We use state of the art BRAWOLINER technology and materials, so your pipes will be strong and protected from the inside out, withstanding pressure, debris and waste for up to 35 years, backed up by our guarantee. The new pipe within your old one will be 4x stronger than PVC, non-corrosive and much sturdier than ever before. With a high standard of workmanship, the best quality relining products and a permanent solution to last for years to come – trenchless pipe relining forms the most cost-effective solution for improving the life and functionality of your pipes. We can repair almost any material and increase the water flow of your pipes and drains while preventing root intrusion, stopping leaks and improving the structural integrity of your entire property.

To find out more about our trenchless pipe relining solutions, contact us today on 0404 879 929, or book your free consultation.

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