Mascot Pipe Relining and Blocked Drain Services

The Relining Company has seen it all, from Barbie dolls stuck in toilets to massive ruptures in sewer pipes cause by tree root damage. Our 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry is balanced out by our respect for technology and learning, making us some of the best plumbing providers in the greater Mascot area.

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Formerly known as North Botany and named after the famous racecourse Ascot in England, Mascot is now a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial neighbourhoods. This variety of mixed purpose, high and low density properties can be difficult to handle for service providers that don’t have a long history in the area, which is what helped drive The Relining Company’s reputation as an experienced and reliable plumbing service provider in Mascot.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Mascot include:



Mascot Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is making a big splash in the pipe repair world due to the innovative way that it approaches the difficulty of fixing underground plumbing. Traditionally if a pipe underground broke or cracked it would need to be dug out.


Today however pipe relining has changed all of this. Now the old, damage pipe is allowed to remain in the ground and a small hole is used to repair it from the inside by relining the walls with epoxy resin. A material that sets and hardens against the walls of the pipe, repairing any existing damage.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Tough pipe repair. Epoxy resin is tough and has a half century life expectancy, making any pipe relining repairs we do robust and high quality.
  • A cleaner fix. With no need to dig the chances of damage landscaping or floors, and the need to repair them after removing the pipe, are drastically reduced.
  • More affordable service. Pipe relining is a robust solution but also, because it reduces the amount of manpower and time required, it can also be seriously cheaper than pipe replacement.

Mascot Blocked Drain Services

As a mixed commercial and residential area Mascot has a wide variety of causes for blocked drains, from industrial kitchen grease blockages to simple hair down the shower drain. The Relining Company uses a number of techniques to unblock the issue, from high strength acid washes to high pressure water lances, and if we find that we can’t you don’t pay!


Mascot Tree Root Damage Repair

Mascot has plenty of high density apartments so tree root damage doesn’t happen as often to residential homes in the area. When it does happens, however, it can be quite serious and need immediate attention.


Our methodology involves coming in to inspect the damage, clearing out the roots from the pipe and then relining the walls of the plumbing to ensure that the tree cannot invade in the same place again.

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