Pagewood Pipe Relining

Pagewood Pipe Relining

Two decades of pulling out blockages, inspecting tree root damage and repairing cracked or degraded pipes has made The Relining Company one of the most experienced plumbing providers in the Pagewood area. We combine this experience with our understanding of technical developments in the field to provide our customers with the best services, every time.

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A mixture of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Pagewood is a beautiful green suburb at the edge of the Sydney CBD. Formerly used for car manufacturing, cinema production and now hosting a large Westfield, Pagewood has always had multiple purposes. This has developed a range of different plumbing systems, which is why having access to an experienced plumber who understands the local infrastructure is so important for rectifying water and waste issues in the area.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Pagewood include:


Pipe Relining Benefits

Traditionally pipe repair was no easy task, involving plenty of time and labour to complete. The worst part however was the need to excavate old pipes in order to replace them, which often meant damaging the floor of the home or garden in order to dig out the damaged section of plumbing.

Pipe relining was invented to counteract this need for excavation. With this cutting edge technique we can leave the old pipe in place and use a small keyhole to enter the plumbing system and repair it from the inside by relining the walls with epoxy resin. This material sets as hard as stone and becomes the pipe’s new walls.


The benefits of pipe relining over pipe replacement include:


  • 50 year life expectancy. Pipe relining is a high quality repair that is expected to last you over half a century!
  • Less potential for damage. Because pipe relining doesn’t require excavation of the old pipe there is no need to risk damage to the home through digging.
  • More cost effective. Pipe replacement takes more time and labour to complete, which make pipe relining significantly cheaper on average.

Pagewood Tree Root Damage Services

Pagewood is lucky enough to have a lot of green and nature going for it, however, this also makes tree damage to plumbing systems common, as roots go searching for nutrients and invade pipes to get at the moisture inside.


Pipe relining makes tree root damage repair simple, allowing us to get in and reline to walls without having to dig out the pipe or pull up the tree.

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