Rose Bay North Pipe Relining & Blocked Drain Services

Exceptional plumbing services not only rely on experience in the field and the best materials but also on providing prompt services every single time. From blocked shower drains to overgrown roots, nothing is worse than waiting for a pipe relining or blocked drain issue to be resolved. With over two decades in Rose Bay North, The Relining Company understands the local landscape and aims to provide high quality plumbing services every single time.

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One of Sydney’s most sought after neighbourhoods; Rose Bay North is nestled between Dover Heights and Vaucluse. Surrounded by stunning harbour views on either side and with a residential history that stretches back to the beginning of European settlement in Australia, Rose Bay North has some convoluted mixes of architecture and plumbing, making an experienced, reliable pipe relining and blocked drain service provider a real asset to any homeowner or tenant.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Rose Bay North include:



Pipe Relining Rose Bay North

A broken pipe can be one of the most inconvenient issues in the home, and was even more inconvenient when we had to dig out every broken pipe to replace it with a new one. This traditional way of pipe repair took a long time to complete and risked damage to the floors and landscaping of a home.


Luckily, today we employ a technique called pipe relining to avoid the need to excavate large sections of pipe to repair a simple cracked wall or loose joint. Pipe relining works by creating a small entry hole in a pipe and then using it to repair the inside by lining the walls with epoxy resin, a material that sets as hard as stone and allows water and waste to flow freely through the system again.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • No need to dig. Excavation is dirty and destructive, making pipe relining a much cleaner choice.
  • Exceptional repair. Pipe relining is an extremely high quality solution, with a life expectancy of half a century!
  • Low cost. With less labour and time required pipe relining is much more cost effective than pipe replacement.

Rose Bay North Blocked Drain Services

As a historical and family neighbourhood Rose Bay North often suffers from blocked drains for any number of reasons, including soap scum build up in pipes and foreign objects flushed down the toilet.


The Relining Company has the tools they need to get the job done right, and perhaps more importantly, fast. From acid washes to robotic cutters we can ensure that your drain is up and running again in no time. 

Rose Bay North Tree Root Damage Repair

Tree root damage is common in Rose Bay North due to the prevalence of green spaces and lush garden features. This plumbing issue occurs when roots invade existing faults in pipes and then begin to widen them, causing structural damage to the plumbing system.


Once we suspect that the issue is root damage we will go in with a camera to inspect the damage and remove the tree roots with a jet blaster. After the roots are cleared out, we reline the pipe with epoxy resin to repair the damage and ensure the tree can’t invade in the same area again.


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