The Right Plumber For The Job – Questions To Ask

The Right Plumber For The Job – Questions To Ask

When trying to find the right plumber for your job or renovation, it’s important to ask questions — regardless of the work that you need them to do. The following is a quick list of questions to ask whenever you reach out to a plumber for the first time. Often, the way in which the plumber or company responds to your needs and requests will tell you everything you need to know about their services, and whether they’re the right plumber for you.


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Questions To Ask The Plumber


Are You Licensed?


The first thing you should always ask is if they are a licensed plumber. Many plumbers get by without the proper licensing, and still provide quality plumbing results in their service area. However, as they are not registered within your state or local government, there is little action you can take should their services fall short of expectations, an accident take place or damage occur to your property. Seeking a licensed plumber will help the process be a much smoother experience.


Do You Specialise In All Aspects Of Plumbing?


Ask if the plumber can provide inspection services and a pricing estimate for your specific plumbing need. Many modern plumbing companies will specialise in all aspects of home and commercial plumbing, and can repair anything from a faucet fixture to pipe relining. This range of services only comes with a wealth of plumbing experience, which is important to look out for when looking for the right plumber.


How Do You Charge?


Ask if the total you’re being quoted is a flat rate — one that won’t change because of labour costs — or an hourly rate, plus the cost of materials. The problem with the second option is that while materials are a fixed price, the cost will continue going up as you pay for labour. Try to find a plumber who offers a flat rate over an hourly one, as unforeseen complications can extend service hours, and wind up costing you far more than anticipated. Many plumbers build clauses into contracts that say homeowners will bear any reasonable costs to complete the job. When getting an estimate, make sure to ask.


Is This The Total Cost?


Ask about the total cost of the job. Most professional plumbers offer free estimates to customers — be wary of any who want to give you one over the phone, however. Most will come to check out the job before they start work. Once a plumber has had a chance to look over the job and provide you with a cost, ask if what he has quoted you includes materials, labor and a contingency for any problems. Some estimates look great on paper but only include the basic cost of materials and can easily skyrocket.


Professional Plumbers In Sydney


Asking these questions can help you steer clear of unqualified service providers. Need to fix a blocked sewage pipe with a solution that’s guaranteed for 25 years? Get a free quote today from The Relining Company – call 04 0487 9929 or fill out our quick online form.

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