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Tell-tale signs you have a blocked drain

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When it comes to finding and resolving blocked drains, time is of the essence and knowledge is power. This is because an unattended blockage can turn into a serious problem in no time. Luckily, your drains are usually nice enough to give you a few warning signs when a build-up has begun. These tell-tale signs are sometimes ignored as a one off event or are put down to some other cause when actually they are the early signs of what could be a big problem. Knowing the more common signs of a blocked drain can help you to identify it faster and get the professionals on the job. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 tell-tale signs that you have a blocked drain.

Let’s get started!

  1. Something smells!

When a blockage is plaguing your plumbing it’s really no surprise that it usually causes some bad smells. The blockage occurs because some debris – be it hair, food scraps or something else – is preventing the proper flow of water. This means stagnant water is mixing with decomposing matter and causing one big stink. It’s not the most pleasant thing but at least it can help you identify a blockage before it gets too big. Keep an eye out (or a nose out) for stenches around your drains including sinks, toilets and showers.

  1. Toilet trouble

Sometimes malfunctions in your toilet don’t have much to do with the system itself but actually points to an underlying issue. If toilet water is tickling you when you sit down to do your business then this is one sign of a potential blockage. As well as raised water levels, ineffective flushing is also a sign that you’ve got a clog.

  1. An overflow ordeal

Leading from our previous points, a water overflow is your obvious next step to identify a blockage. You might find water gathering around the drains in your showers and sink if a blockage has occurred. When water is travelling the wrong way, that’s got to be a sign that something is going wrong!

  1. The slow drain game

How much can you get done while you’re watching your water drain? If the answer is “more than I used to”, that’s probably not because you’re getting more efficient. Chances are your sinks and bathtubs are emptying slower than they used to because you’ve got a blocked drain. Once again you can look to the shower floor for this too. If it’s acting like it has a plug when it doesn’t at all, that’s probably a drainage issue and a blockage problem.

  1. Gurgle, gurgle

You probably don’t want to use all of your senses to identify a blockage (I would especially avoid taste!) but as well as seeing and smelling the symptoms you can sometimes hear them. If there’s a blockage in your drain it will usually gurgle. If you’re hearing unfamiliar noises when you drain a bath or sink, or when you have a shower, then this is a great sign of a bad problem. 

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