Vaucluse Pipe Relining and Blocked Drain Services

The world has changed dramatically in the last few decades, and with it the plumbing industry has also evolved. While some service providers were left behind, The Relining Company has made it a priority to always stay ahead of the curve and provide modern, reliable and expert plumbing services to our clients every single time. 

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Beginning its career as a signalling station, Vaucluse was named after the original Vaucluse House, which was owned by Sir Henry Browne Hayes, a man who had been transported to Australia for kidnapping the daughter of a rich banker. Since then it has grown into one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in Sydney, with a long history and a large diversity in architecture. This range of styles also brings with it a complexity in the plumbing systems that are used, which makes a dependable plumber that understands the local conditions a real asset to the area.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Vaucluse include:



Vaucluse Pipe Relining

The two main methods of repairing a pipe are pipe replacement and pipe relining. Pipe replacement is the age old method of digging out the old pipe and replacing it with a new one. Pipe relining was invented as a way of avoiding the need to dig, and thus reducing the amount of damage pipe repair caused.


Pipe relining works by creating a small hole in the pipe and then using air pressure to line the walls with epoxy resin. This material hardens and becomes the new walls of the broken pipe, repairing the damage without needing to excavate.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Old pipe does not need to be removed. Pipe relining allows us to leave the old pipe in place and use it as a shell for the repair, reducing the potential damage to the home.
  • Excellent repair longevity. Repairing a pipe through pipe relining is an excellent fix, with a life expectancy of over 50 years.
  • Highly competitive fee. Pipe relining is more competitive than pipe replacement because of the reduced labour and time it takes to complete.

Vaucluse Blocked Drain Services

Blocked drains are caused by prolonged use and poorly made plumbing, but also by simple human mistakes like flushing the wrong thing down the toilet. At The Relining Company we have been unclogging drains in Vaucluse for over two decades, making us one of the most experienced providers of blocked drain solutions in the area. Our techniques include traditional plungers, high strength acid solutions, high pressure water lancing and robotic cutting.


Vaucluse Tree Root Damage Repair

Vaucluse is a tree lined area making root damage to pipes fairly common in the neighbourhood. The Relining Company has made tree root damage repair one of our specialties. Our methodology starts with an inspection of the pipe through a thin CCTV camera, and once we have confirmed the extent of the issue we use a high pressure jet to clear out the roots from the pipe. We then use our pipe relining technique to repair the damage, all without needing to excavate the pipe.


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