Watsons Bay Pipe Relining

Watsons Bay Pipe Relining

Plumbing can be a source of constant grief for homeowners, from blocked toilets to cracked pipes, there is often nothing worse than having to shut down your water and doing some work. That is why having an experienced, reliable plumbing service that will get the job done right the first time is such a fantastic asset to anyone looking for pipe relining or blocked drain services.

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Beginning its life as a resource rich peninsula of the Cadigal people and then transformed into a small fishing village by the Europeans, it wasn’t until the 1860s that residential development of Watsons Bay truly began. Today, however the suburb is a complex mix of historical and modern buildings that requires an experienced hand to understand the nuances of the neighbourhood and provide effective pipe relining and blocked drain services.


The Relining Company plumbing services in Watsons Bay include:


Our Pipe Repair Benefits

Finding a broken pipe in your home 20 years ago was a much bigger deal than it is today because it meant that in order to fix it the pipe would have to be excavated and replaced with a fresh one. This was particularly troublesome because it involved having to dig out tiles, wooden flooring or carefully manicured lawns to get to the pipes beneath the ground.

Pipe relining has completely transformed the way the industry approaches this issue by allowing plumbers to repair rather than replace pipes. Pipe relining uses a material called epoxy resin to line the inside of the pipe where it lies under the ground. This material hardens and repairs the damage to the walls without having to dig.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Repair without digging. Pipe relining can be done without digging up the old pipe making the fix a lot cleaner than replacement.
  • Excellent guarantee. The Relining Company holds pipe relining in high esteem which is why we offer a 25 years guarantee on the repair!
  • Better price. Pipe replacement is more labour intensive and takes longer than pipe relining, which is why pipe relining can be as little as half the price.

Watsons Bay Tree Root Damage Repair

Like much of Sydney’s east Watsons Bay is filled with stunning flora. Unfortunately, this also means that faults and cracks in pipes are often assaulted by trees looking for nutrients. Once trees get a foothold they widen the cracks, causing serious structural damage.


The Relining Company offers root damage repair services that include clearing out the roots from the pipes and relining the plumbing with epoxy resin to ensure that the tree cannot invade in the same place again.

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