5 Steps to Managing Your Broken Sewer Line

5 Steps to Managing Your Broken Sewer Line

The problem with broken stormwater pipes is that you sometimes don’t know that anything is wrong until it’s too late! Damaged drains, pipes and sewer lines tend to wait below the surface, leaving very few signs that something is broken until  a drain collapses and your home floods. As well as being inconvenient, broken and collapsed sewer pipes can cause health concerns, unsightly smells and damage to your yard and property. If you want to stop damaged drains in their tracks then you need to act fast when you think something might be wrong. Here are 5 steps to managing your broken sewer line.


  1. Identify the Damage


When it comes to recognising damaged plumbing there are a few ways to go about it. Sometimes the problem is obvious because water is seeping from the ground and causing an awful odour. Other times though, the issue is less obvious so look out for excess moisture, ineffective water flow and a bad flush on your toilet. These can all be telling signs of damaged or blocked pipes. If you can find and inspect the site you might be able to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate next step.


  1. Get Cleaning!


If the suspect system is on your property then you might be able to relieve the problem temporarily. Cleaning can enable better water flow while you consult a professional. You can usually clean your line and shift debris with a plumbers snake (sometimes with the help of your hands). If the bad pipes lay outside your property then you’re better off alerting the local council.


  1. Fix the Broken Line


If you’re going to repair a broken line you probably think you have to start digging. The problem with pipes is that they’re underground, so for most people, excavation equipment or manual digging with a spade, is the obvious option. This can work but comes with a few setbacks, mainly that digging, especially with machinery, often does more harm than good. If you’ve got a garden to be proud of, some perfect paving or something similar then you might want to look for another way.


  1. Drain Relining (The Other Way)


If you want to resolve your plumbing problem but not at the expense of your beautiful outdoor setting, then call a drain relining expert. Drain or pipe relining is a less intrusive, more effective way of repairing your pipes. Your relining expert will insert a special lining into your pipes that will rebuild it from the inside out. That way you have the same pipe on the outside, but a brand new reinforced interior that works well and in is guaranteed for 50 years. At the very most a small amount of digging will be required to complete this process. Sounds pretty good right?


  1. Replace Your Pipes or Drains


In the rare circumstances that your pipes can’t be repaired by any method, the only way to go might be replacing them. A professional can come to your location and do what they have to in order to get your system working again. 


Bad pipes can be a problem but there is always a solution. Most of the time, underground no-dig pipe relining is that solution. It is less intrusive, just as effective and far more efficient. Driven by Germany’s innovative Brawoliner technology, drain or pipe relining can resolve most of your sewerage problems with less mess.


For pipe repairs and unclogging drains without the digging, contact the team at The Relining Company today on 04 0487 9929 or filing out an easy online form.

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