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why dig when you can pipe reline keyhole technology
Here’s What Some Of Our Customers In The Wider Sydney Area Had To Say


“I booked in time for a free inspection online and had the team show up at 11am on the dot! After using their camera to inspect the pipes they were able to show me the cause of my problem and gave me a quote to repair the damage. All work was completely quickly and without any problems, they cleaned up after finishing and left me with a video recording of the work carried out.”

Christine Arpin, Ashfield


I called The Relining Company for an emergency job in the morning, Steve arrived two hours later and after a quick inspection gave us a quote on the spot. Our pipes were fixed by that afternoon and I even got a USB with before and after videos to show me exactly what the problem was and how it was solved.

Jacob Platt, Hurstville

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Replacing a damaged pipe is a lot of work involving digging up the damaged section, finding the right parts to replace them with and then repairing any damage done to the home or garden in the excavation process. Pipe relining has transformed the way that pipe repairs work. Instead of digging out the old pipe it is left in place and a small keyhole is used to insert epoxy resin into the pipe to reline the walls. Once the walls have been relined with epoxy resin the material is allowed to set and becomes a rock hard film over any damaged or cracked sections. Pipe relining has become the go to method of fixing broken pipe, drains and sewers in the Eastern Suburbs because it is far less intrusive and takes less time to perform than traditional pipe repair.

Our Pipe Relining work is Guaranteed for 35 Years for a permanent solution to cracked and broken pipes!

  • Pipe Inspection

    We use a CCTV camera to thoroughly inspect the affected area, find the cause of the damage and the extent to which the pipe is affected.

  • We Remove Obstructions

    After inspecting the damage we use robotic cutting or a high pressure jet to remove any blockages and clean out the pipe for repairs.

  • We reline the damaged area

    Once any obstructions have been removed we reline the pipes and ensure that any damage overlayed.

  • We perform another check

    Once the epoxy resin is in place we perform a second inspection to ensure the quality of our work.

*all prices are exclusive of GST

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Our Eastern Suburbs Pipe Relining Services

A damaged sewer pipe or shower drain can be a nightmare for any resident. Between the time it might take to find the right repair specialist to the loss of water or waste disposal it can be a real challenge. That’s why The Relining Company prides itself on providing fast and effective plumbing services while at the same time focusing on providing quality repairs.

The Eastern Suburbs are some of Sydney’s most luxurious and sought after residential areas in the city. Between their grand beaches, harbour views and historic importance there is no better area to live in the metropolitan area. The focus on nature and long history, however, also means that there are plenty of plumbing issues that often require fast and reliable pipe relining services.

The Relining Company decided to base our company in the Metropolitan Region as  there are some of Sydney’s famous Landmarks such as Bondi Beach all the way through to Rushcutters Bay, Coogee and Bronte Beach. The Original Houses and Apartment blocks within these suburbs still remain the same with there Art Decor Character and Modern Architecture. Some of these unique features are priceless and the thought of having them destroyed or removed for sewer or storm water repairs would be Appalling.

We found that majority of our customers were based in the Eastern Suburbs. With all the Large Fig trees along the busy roads such as Paddington and Woollahra, The sewer and stormwater drains have been crushed and destroyed as well as the footpaths and roads.

Some of our memorable jobs would be relining stormwater downpipes for a high rise building we achieved in Elizabeth Bay which had same amazing views of the harbour or our Most recent job for a customer with a Waterfront home located on Campbell Parade North Bondi.

In 2016, we attended to an Emergency Blocked Drain for Waverley Bus station where the Main sewer to the building was surcharging in the late evening as the Depot does not close. We Jet blasted and removed the blockages to find tree roots growing in the drains from a tree which was more than 50m away. We attended onsite the next night and relined the main sewer to stop the growth of the tree within the drain. Doing this we were able to keep the bus depot open and not disturb operations of the Bus Depot.

Due to the increase in work in the area we based our head office in North Bondi and have relocated our factory in Alexandria keeping our work close to home.

  • We reline with only the best - The epoxy resin material we used is called Brawoliner, the best reliner on the market made and manufactured in Germany.
  • We beat the industry standard guarantee - The industry standard for guarantee for pipe repairs is 7 years, we give you 35 to reflect our confidence in our work.
  • Pipe relining is more affordable - With less labour costs and less time required for the repair pipe relining can be as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Why do you need your pipes relined and repaired?

There are many causes for damaged pipes and drains. Some of the most common reasons are described below.


Believe it or not, tree roots cause damage to pipes and drains more than anything else. This is due to the frequency by which clay pipes were often installed with rubber ring joints. Once the rubber joints started to break down, the drain would leak, allowing tree roots to get in. The tree roots invade the pipes and create problems with drainage.


Pipes are the veins and arteries of our homes and a fundamental part of how everything works together. They are also hidden behind walls, floors and the dirt in our backyards, making them an easy thing to overlook when planning a DIY renovation. Often you think you know where the pipes and drains are, you start digging and next thing you know you’ve caved in key pipes and drainage for your house, this happens more often than you would think.


Sydney has some very old infrastructure, and we have seen piping and drainage technology come a long way in the 200+ year history of this city. Nothing lasts forever, with old clay pipes finally giving way. There is also a lot of movement due to the city being built on Sandstone and Clay, particularly during long dry and wet periods, that also puts pressure on old pipes, which tend to have less flexibility and are likely to crack.

brawoliner cross section orange relined pipe

Need your Pipes Relined and Repaired in the Eastern Suburbs?

If you have a damaged pipes and drains right now, you should act fast to avoid further damage to your plumbing system. Give us a call and we can save you thousands of dollars that could occur due to flooding and contamination. Don’t ignore the problem as it will only worsen with time. We have the tools and technology to repair and reline your pipes with a 35 year guarantee.

If your drains or pipes damaged, call us right now on 0404 879 929 and let our technicians come out and survey your problem today. We have the latest pipe relining technology and skills to fix your pipes without having to dig them up.