Blocked Drains

Get rid of the blockages.

Whether it’s a blocked stormwater pipe or sewer drain, we provide a variety of methods to clear and fix your blocked drains.

Using the latest specialised equipment, we can easily unblock your clogged drains fast. We use highly pressurized water up to 5,000 psi to break down and remove any blockages from the drains such as tree roots, grease, debris or concrete.
Most plumbers will use their trusty plunger or an olden-day electrical eel which doesn’t get the job done effectively. These outdated plumbing tools can even create more damage to your old terracotta pipes.

Non-invasive, effective blocked drain repairs

Blocked drains are often a symptom of a deeper issue within the pipes, and a clogged sewer drain in particular can cause major issues. As your experienced blocked drains plumber, we can address the issue from the inside out, relining your pipes to prevent blocked drains by sealing the pipe from debris and tree roots.

Clearing blocked drains is an easy job with our jet blaster high-pressure water method. It quickly clears your sewer line so it’s polished free and clear to do its job. Ready to fix your blocked sewer or stormwater drain with our non-invasive, effective blocked drain repair solution?

Use the buttons below to learn more about a specific blocked drain issue.

Cleaning a blocked drain

Skip the DIY headache. Call our drain specialists instead.

Your drainage system is responsible for keeping the day-to-day life of your home or business running. When blocked sewer and stormwater pipes interrupt your life, don’t waste your valuable time (and money) trying to fix it yourself. For a quick & long-lasting drain repair, call our licensed plumbers instead. 

Our Sydney blocked drain specialists unblock your drains and get to the bottom of the drain blockage problem. We clear, clean, and reline a blocked sewer line in a single day.

Your blocked drains can be fixed today with our helpful team on the job.

Professional drain cleaner at home
Pipe expert doing a drain cctv camera inspection

Quick & long-lasting solutions for blocked drains.

Using innovative CCTV drain inspection cameras, we will examine every junction and bend of your sewer pipe to figure out why you’re experiencing slow drainage or a clogged toilet.

Whether it’s a simple case of too much toilet paper, or your drain pipe needs a huge crack repaired, your experienced blocked drain plumber will have the solution, and fix the problem fast.

Call our Sydney blocked drain plumbers today! – 0488 885 166

Why it's best to call a professional to unblock your drains

Nobody wants to be responsible for causing a clogged shower drain or blocked toilet, let alone worsening the problem! Before you attempt to address your slow-draining toilet issues solo, consider what may be happening below the surface.

Most blocked drains are a symptom of a larger issue, and the only way to discover what’s going on is with a CCTV drain camera inspection performed by a Sydney blocked drain expert.

Woman smiling and talking on phone

How The Relining Company unblocks a drain FAST

Do you hear ‘blocked drain’ and think ‘major problem’? Or when seeing your clogged toilets, maybe your mind goes to ruined landscaping and overflowing sewage. Think again! Blocked drains Sydney-wide benefit from our reliable clearing service. We use jet blasters to knock out stuck debris and clean your pipes.

Most of our jobs are completed on the same day for a 2 pm knockoff. Our experienced Sydney pipe specialist quickly unclog blocked drains so you can get back to your life. We use innovative pipe relining technology to clear, clean, and repair your blocked drain.

Service options

There are a few methods for standard drain and sewer cleaning

Problems this addresses

Common issues we can identify using this service include

What's the cost?

There are many factors to consider in providing a quote so it's best to assess the problem in person.

Book a free consulation with us and we can provide obligaton free quote to fix your problem.

Blocked drain problems we fix Sydney-wide

✓ Blocked sewer pipes: a blocked sewer pipe (or sewer line) will stop the waste from draining away from the property in its correct manner, causing pollution, odours, mould and structural damage

✓ Blocked stormwater drains: debris such as rocks, tree roots, sand, sticks, mud and leaves can clog your stormwater drains, wreaking havoc during the next downpour causing the drain to surcharge

✓ Blocked toilets: objects that find their way into your toilet bowl can cause blocked sewers and an unpleasant overflow in your bathroom making it a health hazard

✓ Blocked shower drains: a common issue for blocked drains Sydney-wide, shower drain blockages can be caused by a build-up of hair or sediment, and broken or poorly installed pipes

✓ Blocked bathroom sink: much like the shower drain, your bathroom sink is subject to hair, sediment, and foreign objects, causing a clogged drain

✓ Blocked kitchen sink: your kitchen sink and drain pipe is exposed to all kinds of food and debris, which can sometimes cause blockages that can only be repaired by a Sydney plumber

✓ Blocked dishwasher drain: your dishwasher drain is another vulnerable section of your kitchen, with food scraps, sediment build-up and even tiny dishes finding their way into the plumbing system

✓ Blocked washing machine drain: your washing machine is home to many different plumbing fixtures, and you could be up for more than machine pipe replacement if the wrong thing goes through the wash

✓ Blocked gutters: blocked gutters are not only a safety issue but can impact your plumbing system and cause water to enter the house if not maintained correctly

Sydney homeowner fixing blocked drain

What may be causing your blocked drains in Sydney

Some of the most common causes of a blocked drain include:

  • A build-up of hair in a bathroom blocked sink or shower drains
  • Plants and dirt causing blocked sewer lines
  • A grease build-up
  • Toiletries or foreign objects finding their way to the wrong place 
  • Heavy rain overflowing the stormwater drains
  • Tree roots finding their way through a cracked pipe or leaking joint

Plumbing made easy with our blocked drain clearing process

Where Sydney blocked drains used to mean invasive excavation and re-landscaping, thanks to pipe relining, your clogged drain no longer needs to spell disaster. Our pipe relining services can clear blocked drains in almost every situation through our innovative  repair methods.

Click here to book your free consultation with our blocked drain specialists.

Otherwise, give us a call at 0488 885 166.

Water splashing out of sewer drain

High-pressure water jets remove drain blockages fast

When you’ve been a drain plumber for long enough, you end up seeing all kinds of blockages! A high-pressure water jet blaster is the most common type of drain clearing service for a reason, releasing 5,000 psi pressurised water to shoot away any debris.

We insert cutting nozzles up to 100m into your pipes, so those tree roots don’t stand a chance.

CCTV drain camera inspects the damage

Acting like a drain snake, our high-tech, crystal-clear CCTV drain camera will inspect the inside of your pipe, examining every turn and junction for damage.

This allows us to get into the nitty gritty of your drain clearing, figuring out what is causing your blocked toilets, blocked drain pipes or slow draining sewer line.

Final Pipe Inspection Using Technology
Robotic cutting used for sewer pipe under concrete

Robotic Cutting for invasive tree roots in your pipe

If your blockage is particularly stubborn, we use a robotic cutter. Our robotic cutter slices through any obstacle thanks to its various grinding tips. Say goodbye to stubborn tree roots clogging up your underground pool pipe.

Along with robotic cutting, we use jet-blasting technology to remove tree roots, sewerage waste and building debris from inside your pipes. Your pipe will be clean and clear once we finish.

All of our trucks are equipped with onboard jetting equipment and are ready to go when you call.

Call pipe relining experts instead of a commercial plumber

The plumbing industry experiences trends just like any other industry. While other plumbing companies may offer a relining plumbing service, it is unlikely that they have had the level of training and experience or are using certified products like our crew is. Sydney pipe relining isn’t just another plumbing job for us- it’s our specialty. If you want your blocked drains in Sydney dealt with properly and fast – call the relining professionals.

Two plumbers working on a sewer main

The cost of clearing blocked drain pipes in Sydney

Sydney’s infrastructure is some of the oldest in the country, with homes and buildings dating back centuries. The pipework is often no exception.

As your local Sydney blocked drains plumber, we know the pipework like the back of our hands.

Where traditional pipe excavation will cost you more than just the pipe repair, we can clear, clean, and reline Sydney blocked drains without the stress (or the bloated bill).

Blocked drain clearing, cleaning, and repair. What's the best solution for you?

Blocked Drain Clearing

With the right tools on the job, you don’t even need elbow grease!

We will blast away your debris using a jet blaster and bring in the robotic cutter for those stubborn blockages.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

We clear dirt, debris, hair, and even oil from your blocked drain.

Using our high-powered jet blaster, your drains will be squeaky clean in no time. This is an important maintenance job that could save you thousands.

Blocked Drain Repair

We can repair your Sydney blocked drain and prevent further blockages through a non-invasive keyhole method.

We install an epoxy liner that adheres to the circumference of your pipe. This forms a new pipe inside the old pipe, causing cracks to disappear.

Common blocked drains in Sydney that require repair

Drains see a lot of action, from the pressure of daily use to the impact of storms or stress caused by a bad installation. While there are many reasons why your drains may have formed a blockage, two main drains see the most blockage occurrence.

Pipe relining company fixing blocked sewer drain

A blocked sewer drain is never a pleasant experience. Since it puts your home at risk of more than just bad smells, it’s important to deal with blocked sewer drains as soon as possible.

Two pipe relining specialists fixing stormwater drain
Blocked stormwater drains can be incredibly difficult to clear without professional blocked drain plumbers on your side. A sudden downpour can cause tree root intrusion, debris build-up and mud caking, making a call to your blocked drain plumber essential.

The Sydney water responsibility: Are you responsible for blocked sewer drains?

The responsibility for blocked drains Sydney falls on the homeowner in almost every scenario. It is then when you will feel most grateful for a blocked drain plumber who will ensure the health of your pipes in both the short and long term.

In some cases, Sydney Water may be able to help with your excavation needs when it involves a public road or footpath. Although your pipes are your responsibility right up to the water main.

Curious to know more? Head over to our blog post about the Sydney water responsibility. Learn who’s responsible for your pipes and check to see if you’re eligible for assistance from Sydney Water.

Animation of pipes running underground a house

Never worry about blocked drains again!

As blocked drain plumbers, we’ve seen it all when it comes to clearing, cleaning, and repairing broken, blocked or cracked pipes and drains. Using only the best Brawoliner pipe relining materials and the latest training, our crew can bring your pipes back to life and ensure their long-term health with our 35-year warranty and follow-up inspections.

This way, your underground pipes go back to working perfectly in the background just as they should.

Stop worrying about your pipes and allow us to clean, clear, and repair your drainage system.

Tips to prevent drain blockages in the future

  • Get cracks repaired and debris removed before it’s too late
  • Use a drain strainer in your kitchen and avoid flushing oil down the sink
  • Never flush non-toilet paper objects down the loo
  • Clean up after every big storm
  • Have regular pipe inspections performed by our crew
Final Pipe Inspection Using Technology
Robotic cutting used for sewer pipe under concrete

Stop tree roots from blocking your sewer lines

Plan your garden out in advance to avoid blocked sewer lines. In our blog, the top 5 pipe-friendly trees to plant in your garden include:

  • An Apple Tree
  • Feijoas 
  • The Coastal Golden Wattle 
  • Azaleas
  • Bay Tree 

Additionally, check out which invasive trees to avoid planting in order to keep your pipes free from damaging tree roots.

Project Example

A house with a picket fence and a pipe relining machine on the sidewalk
Queens Park Rd, Queens Park

Frequent Questions Our Customers Ask

Our experienced crew are experts at clearing blocked drains no matter what type of drain blockage is causing the problem. Our high water pressure jet drain cleaning and CCTV exploration make repair work simple, with as small an access point as possible to prevent disruption to your landscaping or your life. We will find the exact location of your drain blockage and clear the drain entirely before providing a permanent solution with repair and relining. With our advanced methods, you no longer need to spend your weekends pouring drain cleaner or hot water with baking soda and vinegar down your drains only for them to flow freely for less than 24 hours.

Properly functioning sewage and stormwater drains require clear and clean stormwater pipes, free from tree roots and debris. We can not only clear blocked drains but examine the sewage and stormwater pipe for the cause of the problem. This will result in the prevention of burst pipes while providing the perfect solution for long-term pipe function. We have the latest equipment, the experience and the required tools to ensure the quality of your pipes for years to come without the need to replace the entire system or excavate your perfectly curated lawns.

All insurance policies are different. However, most policies cover accidental damage and blockages such as tree roots. Natural corrosion of the drainage system may not be covered.

This answer will depend on how the blocked drain problem started. The homeowner’s insurance will likely cover severe blockages, grease build-up, or damaged pipes that aren’t intentional. However, the tenant may be responsible for clearing a blocked drain if they dropped or flushed something to cause the blockage.

Yes, blocked drains can be responsible for dampness in the building and cause more damage than you may realise, such as dry rot, mould and even sinkholes.

A blocked drain can present as strange, gassy smells in your home. Sewer gasses combine to make methane or rotten eggs smell and can drift through the pipes when there is a blockage.

It’s important to unblock drains as soon as possible, as when they are left to develop, they can cause health issues transmitted through the waste that isn’t broken down and disposed of properly or from the stagnant water in the pipes.

If it is not typical toilet paper, yes, as well as sanitary products and baby wipes.

Grease and minor blockages will begin as minor issues but can quickly become an emergency if left unaddressed and allowed to develop. Flooding and sewage backup is the most common emergencies associated with blocked drains.

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Reputation for excellence

Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson

Full marks to Steve and the team. They were professional, communicated well and did a good job at a competitive price. Would highly recommend them if you need your pipes... read more

Scott D

Steve’s team were absolutely flawless from start to finish. They provided a really clear recommendation, competitive quote and were super professional and trustworthy throughout. I’d book them again... read more

Nik Weber

Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson
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Christina Borec
Christina Borec
22:56 28 Mar 22
This is a very professional and qualified team. Job was done perfectly and even though there was a ton of dirt dug up, everything was spectacularly cleaned up at the end of the job. Well done!!
Fred C
Fred C
23:54 19 Feb 22
This is a premium service who came to replace an old clay sewer pipe with PVC. They were on time for both quote and service. They offered 2 options and weighed the pros and cons of both options. Steve and Peter were easily contactable or would call back shortly when they were busy. A follow up call was made to make sure I was happy. The team that came round to replace the sewer pipe were fantastic, knowable and considerate. Very Happy.
Alex Buryak
Alex Buryak
08:44 18 Dec 21
Very good and friendly service. Highly recommended!
Emily Fong
Emily Fong
07:48 03 Dec 21
Steve and his team relined the pipes to our home recently and we're totally satisfied with the work done. Steve was very patient explaining the relining process to us and we're most appreciative when he helped us choose bathroom accessories online during the lockdown. Thank you Steve.
Reuben Bou - Samra
Reuben Bou - Samra
08:08 02 Dec 21
We used Steven and his team to do major relining work at our house. From the the outset Steven and his entire team were professional, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. All the worked was carried out very neat and tidy and they answered any questions we had. The technique and product they use is awesome and we would definitely recommend The Relining Company. Thank you Steven and team. You’ve helped us fix a stressful issue !
Jackie Stivaletta
Jackie Stivaletta
06:12 20 Nov 21
A great service provided by Adam and the team, they were punctual , friendly and thoroughly explained the whole pipe repair and relining process. A great experience and would highly recommend there services!! Thankyou
Jennifer Mackenja
Jennifer Mackenja
03:41 19 Nov 21
Yesterday the Relining Company relined a damaged sewer pipe in the backyard of a block of units in Coogee. They arrived on time and completed the job ahead of schedule. They were on hand and ready to answer any queries and they made sure they communicated, after the job was completed,, by phone explaining what they were able to accomplish. A very professional job and would recommend the company.
Ilona Hajnal
Ilona Hajnal
00:23 09 Nov 21
Amazing customer service: friendly, helpful, great communication. Highly recommended.
Cameron Webb
Cameron Webb
02:04 28 Oct 21
We had a collapsed sewer pipe and got charged a bomb to fix it by another mob. When they finished they told me the rest of the pipes would need relining and quoted me another exorbitant figure. So I called the Relining Company to get another opinion - they came around within 2 hours, stuck a camera down and confirmed the problem, without a callout fee or charge for their investigation. They also told me how they would have fixed the first problem. Their quote came out $3500 cheaper than the other mob and it would have saved me several thousands if I got them to sort out the initial problem. These guys were polite and knowledgeable, no heavying me to accept their quote on the spot, allowed me time to consider and fully informed me about the process. They were prompt, efficient, tidy and a real pleasure to deal with. I recommend this company highly and if I ever have any other poo pipe issues I won't need to shop around - I'll go straight to them. Great service!
Neil Dutton
Neil Dutton
05:52 08 Oct 21
Excellent technology. Friendly business who explained precisely their approach to relining the degraded sewer pipes in my property. The team turned up on time and left no mess. The quoted price was very competitive and these guys use the best technology. I give my full recommendation to the Pipe Relining Company.
Lauren Waldon
Lauren Waldon
21:39 17 Sep 21
Adam and Jackson were very professional and friendly. Efficient and professional. Would highly recommend this company.
Tony Ianni
Tony Ianni
04:58 16 Sep 21
The best at what they do-hands down.Always on time and never let me or my customers down- and that’s coming from a plumber.Steve and the team- Well done!!
Deannah Birtles
Deannah Birtles
10:26 12 Sep 21
I arranged for 6.2mtrs pipe relining, Steve took the details of the Job over the phone as I had 2 written quotes from other companies.I went with this company as they had come highly recommended.What these other companies had failed to do was recognise that the plumbing issue was to do with my total collapsed sewer that was seeping under the house!Unfortunately, for me the job price almost tripled due to the seriousness of the problem!However, young Jack, Jackson and Adam worked magic and Steve was extremely patient with me.Whilst on sight and within half an hour of accepting Steve’s quote which was fair, the skip bin and digger had arrived to get the job done.My 4 hour job turned into 3 days!Instead of leaving my plumbing the way it was the team worked tirelessly to get the job done in the fastest possible time frame with the best outcome for me.The result was a whole new sewer and an additional 7mtrs of pipe relining which was a blessing because my whole cemented backyard would have had to be excavated.The guys were extremely professional and the end result was top quality.From start to finish there is not one bad thing I can say about Pipe Relining Company.I highly recommend this company for any major plumbing job that needs doing.For me to be able to trust this company to do the right thing was key.15/10 thanks guys!
Ralph Amore
Ralph Amore
05:05 20 Aug 21
We regularly use The Reline Co for our pipe relining. They are always competitive in price, on time , do a great job and warrant there work. Would recommend them to anybody .
Max Robertson
Max Robertson
00:14 18 Aug 21
Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer.He identified a serious crack in the sewer line which we are going to get him to fix before it gets worse.I am very pleased with his work, tidy, knowledgeable and he has a very impressive toolkit to resolve plumbing problems efficiently.
Scott D
Scott D
05:15 07 Jul 21
Full marks to Steve and the team. They were professional, communicated well and did a good job at a competitive price. Would highly recommend them if you need your pipes relined.
Nik Weber
Nik Weber
04:59 07 Jul 21
Steve’s team were absolutely flawless from start to finish. They provided a really clear recommendation, competitive quote and were super professional and trustworthy throughout. I’d book them again in a heartbeat.
Jennifer Ledingham
Jennifer Ledingham
06:38 06 Jul 21
These guys did a great job. They were so polite, prompt and efficient.
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy
05:09 25 Jun 21
The team from The Relining Company gave me a huge amount of confidence in their ability to identify and resolve major sewerage damage on my property. They helped me understand the cause and effect and provided a responsive plan of action. Very happy and highly recommend.
Budwi Charbel
Budwi Charbel
19:07 03 Jun 21
I’m a builder in the eastern suburbs and the Relining company have attended on a number of occasions to clean the drains on my Job sites when building waste gets flushed down the pipes. They were even able to remove concrete on a job in Coogee.Always a great service with this company
Don Price
Don Price
07:31 31 May 21
Excellent company to deal with. Friendly and knowledgeable. Just had my free 1 year follow up of my sewer pipe lining. Quick and prompt service. Highly recommended.
Jason Todoroski
Jason Todoroski
01:10 31 May 21
One of the best companies ive ever dealt with . Customer service ,and workman ship is 2nd to none. Saved me alot of time and money. Cleaned up when they finished , even wanting to mop the tiles. Cannot recommend these plumbers highly enough . Thanks to Peter at the head office and the awesome plumbers on site Adam and Jackson. So friendly and amazing work.A1. Thank you
anthony elias
anthony elias
03:37 05 May 21
I was impressed with the whole operation from my first enquiry to the prompt completion of a very challenging drain unblocking. Highly recommended.
Henk Eberwijn
Henk Eberwijn
02:32 05 May 21
All the staff were very helpfull and informative. They did a great job relining the the pipes leaving the work area clean and tidy. Very satisfied with job.
McMullin & co.
McMullin & co.
11:13 03 May 21
I highly recommend the Relining company. They changed me $6000 less than another company who quoted me and not to mention all their staff were exceptionally nice and went above and beyond. Thanks Paul, Adam and Luke for making the experience so seamless and doing a fantastic job.
Madeline McMahon
Madeline McMahon
03:38 29 Apr 21
The Relining Company came and unblocked my pipes in north bondi. Overall great service and they cleaned up after themselves.Highly recommend
Nalan Erdogan
Nalan Erdogan
14:28 16 Apr 21
Every interaction I had with different team members was professional, courteous and they were all very responsive. I appreciated that I was provided with information that allowed me to make the right decision. I was even given a USB stick with camera footage so I could see the issue with my own eyes rather than just being told. Not only did they fix the problem, they also cleaned up after the job was done. I'm so impressed with the level of effort and professionalism. Highly recommend their services.
Neil Rowland
Neil Rowland
03:52 06 Apr 21
I highly recommend The Relinging Company. From start to finish the honesty, attention to detail and overall friendly staff was second to none...thank you so much guys. Five ⭐️’s.
Jane Thorpe
Jane Thorpe
03:09 19 Mar 21
The Relining Company re-lined the rest of my sewerage pipes after they found further blockages and tree roots and replaced a gully. I had used them two months earlier. As before - they were professional, on time and gave great customer service! They confirmed arrival times and arrived at the time promised. They did a great job of cleaning up and replaced my verandah boards even though that was not included in the quote. I would thoroughly recommend them to other homeowners struggling with plumbing issues.
Brenda La
Brenda La
11:11 08 Mar 21
We would like to thank The Relining Company for repairing our sewer pipes. They were efficient, professional, skilled and worked with care to our home.We would recommend their service definitely.
Gino Giangrasso
Gino Giangrasso
06:52 19 Jan 21
I found the tradies from The Relining Company to be reliable, prompt, very professional and clean. They completed my job efficiently. Very knowledgeable in the work they carry out. Highly recommend their services.
Ed Ness
Ed Ness
23:19 08 Nov 20
Peter from the Pipe Relining Company came over & thoroughly investigated a small leak we had. In doing so he & his team discovered some unrelated issues further down the pipe, which were good to address & fix before they became bigger issues down the track.The guys were prompt, very professional and good value for money. Re questions post installation, I had a call back within 10 minutes to make sure everything was ok. No hesitation in recommending the Pipe Relining Company to anyone looking have their pipes relined.
Brian Jarvie
Brian Jarvie
02:55 29 Oct 20
We intended to obtain two quotes to line our sewer pipes to prevent the roots of the huge fig tree in our street from constantly blocking the pipes. On the advice of our plumber, we obtained a quote from The Relining Company. After meeting Peter from that firm, we did not obtain a second quote for the work as Peter was most impressive in addition to being very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his work. We were also most impressed that Peter did not pressure us to accept his quote. The work was carried out by Peter and Adam and we were extremely pleased with their professional workmanship. Every step of the complicated process was carefully explained to us and our courtyard was left in immaculate condition. It was also very pleasing to hear the men speak so highly about Steve, the owner of the company. We consider we received excellent value for such intricate work requiring expensive equipment and we therefore highly recommend this outstanding company.Brian and Kay Jarvie.
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