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“The Relining Company has recently eliminated the problem of tree roots in the terracotta pipes under my Paddington terrace house. They cleared the pipes and then relined them -, ensuring that the roots could not penetrate in the future. The work was done most professionally and within the time frame that had been indicated in their quote. It was also done with as little disruption as possible and there was no mess or clutter, during or after.”

JC, Paddington


Excellent service. Very reliable and honest, wouldn't hesitate recommending.

Neal Meldrum, Sydney

What If A Plunge Is Not Enough To Unblock Your Drain? That’s when our full service range is Guaranteed to unblock your drain.

If we can’t unblock your drain you don’t pay!

Many times our Plunge will get the job done, however if our CCTV footage finds more serious problems with your drain then we’ll suggest one of the following services to ensure we unblock your drain as guaranteed.


    This involves us unblocking your drains with a general plunge.


    We'll use our high pressure jet blaster to unblock your drains.


    We will camera inspect your drain to identify what caused the blockage?


    We will apply a high strength sulphuric acid-based drain opener to remove grease, fats and tree roots.

*all prices are exclusive of GST

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Free Camera Inspection with every Jet Blast!

Need Your Drains Unblocked?

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Our Drain Blockage Services In Sydney

If a general plunge, jet blast or acid wash is not enough to fix your problem or if your CCTV footage has identified further problems one of our preventative services might be right for you:

  • No Dig Pipe Relining is a permanent fix to cracked and blocked pipes. Using German Keyhole technology this system allows for a permanent fix to your pipes.
  • Robotic Cutting is used for cutting out and removing the impossible blockages or dislodgments within the drain.
  • Drain replacements is only a solution when there is no other choice but to excavate and replace your broken/blocked drains.

What Causes A Blocked Drain?


Tree Roots are the most frequent reasons people experience blocked drains. The reason for this is that, historically when original clay pipes were installed, pipes used to be joined together using rubber ring joints. With time these rubber joints start to perish and cause the drain to leak.

Once this happens the surrounding tree roots feed off this water and break their way through the clay pipe, causing major disruption and movement within the drain.In some cases the leak can cause the surrounding soil to wash away and the drain may collapse. This is why its important to act fast on repairing your drain and install a new liner within your old pipe to prevent further damage.

Grease Blockages

Grease Blockages are generally caused when a lot of food fats or oils are flushed down the sink. We find the best ways to break down and remove the grease within the drain is using a high pressure jet blaster or an ACID Wash to break down the fats.

It is natural that with time fats and grease builds up within the drain and form into a hard substance creating a wall within the pipe.

Flushing The Wrong Things Down The Drain

Flushing The Wrong Things Down The Drain. We come across a lot of blockages, which are caused from people flushing the wrong things down the drain or objects accidently finding their way in. Sydney Water have experienced major issues trying to manage the amount of house hold items that should not be in a drain which cause blockages. For example: Wipes, Rags, Nappies, Sanitary Items, Cotton Buds, Dental Floss, Cigarette Buds, Etc.

We strongly advise to only flush human waste and toilet paper down your drains to save the cost of unblocking your drain and help with the waste management system Sydney is experiencing.

blocked drain experts

What Should I Do If I’Ve Got Blocked Drains Right Now?

The quicker you act the less likely it is that more damage will occur to your pipes. If you’re experiencing blockages right now we highly recommend to give us a call. Acting fast could save you thousands of dollars in burst pipe costs.

The last thing you want to do is ignore the problem where even our pipe relining service can help you. So if you’ve got clogged drains or pipes, gives us a call right now on 0404 879 929 and one of our technicians can get to you today.

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