Many people have never heard of pipe relining or Brawoliner. This new German technology is faster, cheaper and more durable than traditional pipe repair methods.

What is "Pipe Relining?"

Pipe relining is the process of repairing any kind of broken, leaking or blocked pipes – from drains to sewers. It involves inserting a textile liner coated with resin into the broken section, which then hardens into a long-lasting inner pipe. We use Brawoliner technology for all pipe repairs.

What is Brawoliner?

Brawoliner has been developed in Germany, and provides the best possible pipe lining. The material is environmentally friendly and has a life-span of 50 years. This means pipe relining is not a patch or temporary repair, but a permanent fix for problem pipes.
We’ve written a guide to the Brawoliner installation process, with more information on how it works

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Traditional pipe repair involves digging up sections of pipe and replacing it. Extensive trenches are expensive, inconvenient and sometimes need days to settle after refilling.

Brawoliner textile liners are flexible, which means they can be inserted into the end of your pipe. This method is much faster and cheaper than trenches that destroy your landscaping. We will sometimes have to dig a small hole, which we will always re-fill. 

Is This a Temporary Fix? How Long Will It Last?

Pipe relining is a permanent solution. The life span of our material is over 50 years and we also offer a 35-year guarantee on all our work.

What Kind of Damage Can Be Repaired?

Pipe relining can repair any damage to the pipe, even if the pipe is missing in some sections. This includes pipes that are damaged or otherwise defective due to:  

  • Tree roots
  • Cracks
  • Old age
  • Dislodgement
  • Erosion

We work on any kind of underground pipes, from blocked drains to collapsed sewers.

brawoliner machine

If you have a question that is not answered here or if you would like to enquire about a free quote please don’t hesitate to give Steve a call on 04 0487 9929. Our relining material is certified as environmentally friendly.