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We can reline pipes as small as 40mm in diameter and as large as 450mm.

We can reline a simple crack in the drain thats located metres away from the access point using our Sectional Relining Method or we can reline the complete pipe using our Inversion lining Method.

All jobs are quoted when we attend for a free consultation as we need to gather important information to calculate the cost such as.


  • pipe diameter
  • access to the drain
  • quantity of junctions  
  • length of reline

We have relined pipes that are partially collapsed or completely collapsed. When it is fully collapsed we use our robotic cutter to grind away at the broken sections of pipe to re open the internal diameter.

 Yes, on the rare occasion that relining is not an option we will provide a cost to replace the pipe as our staff are licensed plumbers.

Pipe relining is a permanent solution. The life span of our material is over 50 years and we also offer a 35-year guarantee on all our work.

Brawoliner. Is the lining product we exclusively use as it is the only seamless liner on the market that is developed in germany.  Brawoliner is coated in a two part epoxy so the liner can create seal between the liner and the host pipe.

No, most properties have an inspection port at ground level which is adequate access to reline a pipe. When this is not available we can also disconnect the toilet and access the pipe for relining purposes. 

We can reline any material pipe from: PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, Concrete, Victurius Clay Pipe.

Our Director Steven has been to Germany to visit the Brawoliner training Staff and to also keep up to date with the relining technology in the world.

We arrive at 7:30am and prepare the lining work which is ready to be installed by 9:00am. Once the liner has cured the work is complete which is generally around 2:00pm the same day. 

Experience in the industry.

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