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ANZ STADIUM Blocked Drains

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The Relining Company recently carried out a pipe rehabilitation at the iconic ANZ Stadium in Sydney as the venue was experiencing blocked drains in the Men’s bathrooms.


When the stadium is at its full capacity of up to 80,000 people the drains are under extreme use and pressure. We CCTV inspected the drains to find what caused the blockage There were sections where minor tree roots had penetrated the pipes and caused the drain to block. We then high pressure cleaned these tree roots to prepare the drain for relining. Once this was done we relined the damaged area sealing off that section to prevent the tree root growing back within the drain causing any future blockages.


We saved the building the cost of having to shut down the bathrooms or to carry out any excavation work within the bathrooms. Centre Management was happy with the outcome and we were happy to have worked in such an iconic venue

Our Work In Action

ANZ Stadium


luna park logo - case study


Sydney’s Luna Park were introducing some new rides at their iconic theme park. They were in the process of adding a larger roller coaster to the park and required concrete piers to be drilled into the ground to support the weight of the new ride. When the piers were being drilled the contractors smashed through an existing Storm Water Drain which collects all the storm water to the premises.

To prevent the cost and delays in excavation work, we were called out to reline the drain. Not only did we complete this in a day, we also made a stronger pipe within the old pipe to support the damage made to the main drain.

Our Work In Action

Bureau of Meteorology

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology logo - case study


Bureau of meteorology are our main source of weather information. They have an onsite campus in Sydney Airport which is where all there data is retrieved and sent out to the media. Their onsite facilities were constantly blocking due to rust within the drain and tree roots blocking the pipes.

To save the staff leaving the premises every time they needed to use the bathroom facilities we came onsite for half a day, cleaned the rust and tree roots and relined the drains so they could be used with no disruptions.


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