Commercial Project

350 George St, Sydney

The Relining Company Van outside of Sydney stone building

About the Project:

Gail, The Building manager of this iconic building located in the heart of Sydney CBD called to report a leak into one of the offices. Gail had been monitoring this leak and gathered it was only happening when it rained. She searched for a solution on google and made contact with us to investigate the leak. With our drain cameras we were able to pinpoint the leak and provide a quote to reline the pipe.

The Problem:

The main copper downpipe that was encased in the walls of the building was leaking into the office and shop on the ground level which was a busy restaurant so jackhammering and replacing the pipe was not an option. We found the leak started from a piece of metal that was touching the pipe, over time the different metals corroded and formed a hole.

How We Fixed It:

We gained access to the rooftop of the building and relined a section of the downpipe where the hole was to seal that section of the pipe from leaking. Once the work was complete we tested the drain to ensure the leak had stopped. We were able to complete this project.

Commercial Pipe relining Project for 350 George St, Sydney
Commercial Pipe relining Project for 350 George St, Sydney

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