Pipe Relining Services

The Relining Company Services

The Relining Company has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry and in that time has developed a strong reputation as an expert, innovative business that cares about providing better solutions to our clients. That is why we invested time and energy into finding a solution to pipe repair that doesn’t require digging up concrete, gardens or pavement, to save our clients serious time and money.

What is Pipe Relining

Our pipe relining method uses Brawoliner materials, a German-researched and manufactured pipe reliner that inserts a resin coated liner into your damaged pipes that forms a long tube and sets to become a hard, durable material, reinforcing the integrity of your existing pipe and allowing unimpeded flow without the need to excavate.

The method is:


Is extremely durable. With a life expectancy of 50 years and a 35-year guarantee on our work


Requires no digging. Doesn’t require breaking through the pavement or garden, except for a small “keyhole” in some cases


Quality for cheaper. Can be up to 50% cheaper than methods that require breaking ground.


We have a breadth of services for pipe repair and unblocking drains that suit the needs of most homes, including:

Drain Repair

Cracked, leaking or deteriorated drainage pipes within the home can be a serious issue, causing damp walls, musty smells and possibly structural damage if the problem is allowed to go unresolved for too long. The Relining Company is an expert in rehabilitating pipes inside buildings using the Brawoliner solution, fixing these issues in a cheap, durable and highly efficient manner without having to break through the walls or floor.

Trenchless Pipe Relining

Sometimes the issue might not be inside the home, but rather the pipes leading through your garden or street. Traditionally this meant expensive repairs that had to break through your concrete driveways or dig up your lawn. Using the keyhole method we can repair almost all types of damage within a day and leave your house in perfect condition.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains don’t necessarily mean damaged pipes but might come from grease blockages or flushing the wrong things down the toilet. When faced with a blocked drain we can use traditional plungers, high strength acid washes or high pressure jet blasts to remove the impediments, or for reoccurring cases we can perform a CCTV inspection to determine the root of your problem.

Blocked Sewers

Similar to blocked drains but normally larger and outside of the boundaries of the house, sewers are where all the water from your house meets and is funnelled into the city sewer line. The most common issues found in residential drains is grease poured down the kitchen sink and begins to accumulate, which can be solved by an acid solution.

Tree Roots in Drains

Tree roots looking for nutrients often find their ways into pipes and can cause serious structural damage. We remove these roots using a high pressure jet and reline the pipe using the durable Brawoliner method, meaning a quick fix to a serious problem that remains durable over the long term.

the relining company plumbing team with brawoliner machine