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Are you dealing with blocked drains? We repair your drain pipes fast, without digging up your house, driveway or backyard. Our Pipe Relining Company services all of Sydney and we’re available 24/7 for emergencies. Call today for an affordable & permanent solution to your blocked drains – 100% Guaranteed!

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Do you have signs of a blocked drain?

A pipe relining expert can help!

Here’s why you should choose pipe relining over pipe replacement for your home in sydney.

Compared to the traditional method of repairing drains, Pipe Relining (aka Drain Relining) offers advantages including:

Our Pipe Relining Specialists Make Relining Technology Easy To Understand

We can appreciate that for many people, knowing what to expect can be a little daunting, so we have outlined our step-by-step, minimal disruption process to help you understand what to expect during drain repairs.

Services We Offer In Sydney

Trenchless Pipe Relining

Trenchless pipe relining Sydney allows repairs on the spot with minimal excavation. No pipes are removed, and the only exposure to sewage comes from the initial damage.

A flexible Brawoliner textile liner is injected into the compromised system to seal and repair the passage without disrupting the surrounding grounds or building.

Relining pipes is faster and less expensive than traditional pipe repairs. If your building leaks the concrete slab, traditional pipe repair will tear out the entire floor with a jackhammer.

Replacement and repair costs for returning a concrete foundation to its original state can quickly dwarf the pipe repair costs. Find out more about pipe reline costs here.

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Blocked Drains

Whether it’s a blocked stormwater pipe or sewer drain, we provide a variety of methods to clear and fix your blocked drains.

Using the latest specialised equipment, we can easily unblock your clogged drains fast. We use highly pressurized water up to 5,000 psi to break down and remove any blockages from the drains such as tree roots, grease, debris or concrete.

Most plumbers will use their trusty plunger or an olden day electrical eel which doesn’t get the job done effectively. These outdated plumbing tools can even create more damage to your old terracotta pipes.

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Tree Root Damage Repair

The Relining Company has been an expert in drain repair and maintenance for over 20 years, investing in innovative methods of sewer line repair that don’t require excavation, digging up the gardenias in your backyard or breaking through the pavement in your driveway.

Tree roots are a serious but common issue affecting Australian homes. Roots constantly seek water and nutrients, often finding their way through the joins and cracks between pipes. Once inside the drain, they grow, causing blockages, cracks and severe damage.

While once a complex problem to fix, involving excavation and pipe replacement, our services allow us to clean out the roots and repair the pipes without ever having to dig.

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Drain Inspections

When we carry out a drain inspection, we get a visual of the pipe and report on the problem and the damage’s extent. We also provide a USB recording of the inspection, which is great to see the before and after the relining process.

On larger diameter pipes, we use a tractor camera which drives itself through the drain using a remote control. The tractor camera has the functionality to give a 360-degree view of the pipe and to zoom in.

We can inspect pipes as small as 40mm in diameter and up to 450mm in diameter, depending on what is required for your job.”

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Robotic Cutting

We offer a robotic cutting service to enter the pipe through the access holes and carry out pipe rehabilitation internally using a high-speed diamond tip cutter. With its advanced technology and colour LED camera lens, we can identify the problem and start the milling process to resolve the issue in minutes.

The IMS can mill away and remove debris in the pipes, such as Bricks, Steel, Concrete, Wood or large stubborn tree roots. The cutter can enter pipes from 100mm up to 225mm in diameter without disruptions.

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Pipe Leak Repair

A damaged pipe is never a good thing.

Often resulting in plumbing leaks, poor water supply, high water usage bill or further damage to your property, so it’s important to fix damaged pipes quickly.

You may assume that your pipe repair will wreak havoc on your landscaping or the structure of your property…. Think again!

Thanks to pipe relining, leaking pipe repairs are no longer damaging, with complete repair possible within your existing pipes through a keyhole access point.

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How Pipe Relining Works

The Pipe Relining Process

Pipe Relining is a process used to repair damaged or broken sewer pipes. It fixes blocked drain issues using trenchless pipe technology without the headache of digging up your yard or ripping up your walls or floors.

Pipe relining is known as “cured-in-place pipe” (CIPP) relining—the process of relining plumbing pipes repairs broken, cracked, tree root-infested, or otherwise damaged pipes.

Pipe lining repair is a less invasive and disruptive alternative to traditional pipe repair methods like pipe bursting or replacement. With the help of CCTV drain inspection, it works on various plumbing pipes. These pipes include PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, Concrete, and Victurius Clay Pipe.

Pipe relining technology is a no-dig solution for fixing broken pipes. Instead of digging up your broken pipes, the relining repairs damaged pipes with a thick textile liner. The pipe liner acts like a sleeve inside broken pipes. Once it’s inserted, the liner is inflated and left to cure. After the liner cures, it forms a new, seamless pipe that is strong and durable within the old cracked pipe.

The Benefits Of Regular Drain Camera Inspections For Your Home
Hands putting a lining down an outdoor drain

Different Types of Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is a trenchless method of repairing pipelines and sewer systems. There are different types of pipe relining technologies available today; Cured in place pipe lining, Pull-in place, Pipe bursting, Sliplining & Internal Pipe Coating.

The technology, process and industry are constantly changing. Brawoliner Systems, operating out of Germany, has taken the approach to another level with their state-of-the-art BRAWOLINER® ranking as the top performer in the “Institute for Underground Infrastructure” product test. The Relining Company use this technology to provide quality drain pipe lining & pipe lining services across Sydney.

Homes in Sydney can be a lot older than other parts of the country so the benefits of a no-dig solution and underground pipe relining make it the preferred method over traditional pipe replacement which usually involves digging up a house, garden or backyard.

The future of pipe relining is bright as this technology is less expensive and disruptive than traditional pipe repair methods. With the upside of an expected life extension of up to 50 years or more (with all our workmanship covered by a 35-year Guarantee) – it is a “no-brainer” permanent solution to pipe problems. And if you choose the Relining Company for your drain relining needs, you will even get a green solution for pipe repair).

Learn more about our process, from consultation to check-up

Our Pipe Relining Projects

The Relining Company holds the privilege of helping some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, such as the Accor Stadium (formerly known as ANZ Stadium), Luna Park & The Bureau of Meteorology, and hundreds of homes across the city.

ANZ Stadium
Pipe relining project Sydney
The entrance to the bureau of meteorology.


What is pipe relining?
Pipe relining is the process of repairing a pipe without having to dig it up and replace it. Instead, it is done by inserting a liner into the pipe and then inflating it to take the shape of the pipe. This new pipe within the pipe seals up so the water can flow without leaking. Pipe relining is an excellent alternative to replacing a pipe because it is less disruptive and much faster.
How does pipe relining work?

First, a Pipe Relining technician inspects the damaged pipes using a remote CCTV camera – called CCTV inspections or drain inspections. You can also do this as an annual inspection to stay proactive towards any drain or stormwater pipes you think may have future problems. The inspection uses a robotic interface that allows the interior of each branch in the system to be examined closely for cracks or collapsed walls; this is the first step in the relining system. Then, a high-pressure jet clears the debris and any blockage that may have occurred due to roots or incursion. Only rarely do technicians need to dig a hole during a pipe relining job. However, quality repair specialists will always make it a priority to fill these back in after repairs.

Once we locate the damage and prepare the site, service personnel insert a specialised textile liner (the relining product consisting of epoxy resin) coated with an adhesive resin into the faulty channel using pressurised air or water. This process (called drain relining) inverts the textile liner, pushing the adhesive resin against the inside of the pipe as it expands to perfectly cover the damaged areas, creating a uniform protective seal across the length of the broken pipe. The pressure impresses the liner against the cylinder walls and steadily holds until the resin is set and cured.

Finally, once the repair is made and the liner has become solid, the technician will re-inspect the area using the remote camera. We then confirm the repairs to the damaged section and remove all obstructions from the system. Once cured, the sewer pipe relining is a permanent repair. The textile liner and resin have a guaranteed lifespan of twenty-five years, and most will last over fifty under normal conditions – making relining your pipes a no-brainer rather than even thinking about pipe replacement.

What are the benefits of pipe relining over traditional methods?

There are many benefits of pipe relining, including:

  1. Pipe relining can extend the life of your pipes, often by many years.
  2. Pipe relining can repair pipes that are damaged or have leaks, often without the need for expensive or disruptive excavation.
  3. Pipe relining can often be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Pipe relining is less disruptive to your property, as there is no need to excavate or dig up your pipes. In addition, you can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of repairing or replacing your pipes.

Pipe relining is also more durable and long-lasting than traditional pipe repair methods, as the new lining will not be susceptible to the same problems that caused damage to your original pipes.

What are the risks and limitations of pipe relining?

Before undertaking any pipe relining project, the relining company needs to consider several risks and limitations associated with pipe relining. These risks and limitations include:

  1. The potential for the liner to collapse or become deformed if not installed correctly.
  2. The possibility that the liner may not adhere properly to the walls of the pipe, resulting in leaks.
  3. The potential for the liner to block or restrict the flow of water through the pipe.
How much does pipe relining cost?

The cost of pipe relining will vary depending on the pipe type, pipe condition, length, and location—however, the pipe relining costs between $500 and $4,000 per linear foot.

How long does pipe relining take?

Pipe relining is a process that can take a significant amount of time, depending on the size and scope of the project. In general, pipe relining projects can take a few hours to several days to complete. However, the specific timeline will depend on several factors, including the type of pipe, pipe condition, length, and the number of pipes being relined.

How long does pipe relining last?

The life expectancy, while a quick installation of the relined section, is not pipe patching. It is not a temporary repair that flakes away or washes off after a season. It is not something to be done in an emergency, to last until a proper repair can be made. Pipe relining is the entire repair, done quickly and without complication or mess. It is inexpensive, permanent, durable and proven. While we do not offer a lifetime guaranteed solution, we provide a 35-year guarantee & warranty on all work. Once the resin-coated textile liner is in place, it will last dozens of years without needing repair or maintenance on your Sydney home.

Whether the system has roots creeping in through the joints, a crack letting in the sand, or an entire section missing due to wall collapse requiring junction repairs, pipe relining is the only solution that makes sense. It is the easiest, most inexpensive way to repair a compromised sewage or stormwater system quickly—the Sydney Relining Company covers and services all areas across Sydney.

We are a family-owned business (watch the video of us on our about us page). The Australian standards fully approve Brawoliner and Australian watermark approved. Talk to us to see if we offer a warranty underwritten by the insurer. We are your pipe relining expert to help you keep your stormwater pipes, existing pipes like PVC pipes or other types of pipe free from root intrusions and damage or help you reline pipes such as collapsed pipe work. We operate all over Sydney, including Surry Hills, Hills District, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West across the Eastern Suburbs or anywhere you may need to reline in Sydney using our relining system.

We are your Sydney pipe relining specialists with access to any professional plumber needs, making us your one-stop shop for any pipe relining job. Call us on 0488 885 166 for any leak detection or further discuss our relining product.

Are there any special considerations or requirements for pipe relining?

It is crucial to assess which type of pipe repair best suits your situation.

Visit our blog for more tips on which method is right for you.

Are you a licensed plumber?
We are fully licensed and insured. We are a plumbing company with qualified plumbers as part of our team. Not only are we fully qualified and licensed, but we have also completed thousands of relining & plumbing jobs over the years.
What are the materials used in pipe relining?
Depending on the type of pipe and the pipe condition, a few different types of materials can be used in pipe relining. If the pipe is in good condition, a liner is made with a flexible material like polyethylene or PVC. If the pipe is damaged or has leaks, a liner made of more robust material like fibreglass or epoxy is used.
How is pipe relining different from pipe replacement?
Pipe relining repairs a pipe without having to replace the entire pipe. It is done by lining the inside of the pipe with new material. Pipe relining can be used to repair pipes that are damaged from corrosion, leaks, or root intrusion. Pipe relining is a less invasive way to repair a pipe than pipe replacement. In addition, pipe relining does not require the excavation of the pipe, which can save time and money.
How does pipe relining benefit the environment?

Pipe relining is a green technology that offers many benefits to the environment. By using pipe relining, we can avoid excavating and replacing existing pipelines, which can cause significant damage to the surrounding environment. Pipe relining can also help reduce the amount of water and energy used in the transportation of water and the number of chemicals and other pollutants released into the environment.

Who offers pipe relining in Sydney?

There are a few local companies that offer pipe relining in Sydney.

The Relining Company has over 20 years of experience operating across Sydney, making it one of the most experienced & established pipes relining companies in Sydney.

We were one of the very first companies to specialise in just relining- we are not general plumbers but pipe relining experts.

Who is the best pipe relining company in Sydney?
There are many great pipe relining companies in Sydney, but the best one for your needs depends on a few factors. The size and scope of your project, budget, and timeline are all essential considerations. We think The Relining Company is the best Pipe Relining Company - find out yourself by giving us a call today.
Who offers the cheapest pipe relining in Sydney?

It is hard to say who offers the cheapest service. It depends on the severity of the damage to your pipes and how much work is required. You can visit our pricing page to find out more about our pricing.

Who offers the most effective pipe relining in Sydney?

The relining company is an Australian leader in pipe rehabilitation, and we have a wide range of products and services that can help you with your pipe relining needs. Backed by Brawoliner, one of the world's top products, we provide the most effective pipe lining in Sydney.

Where is The Relining Company located?

The Relining Company is in Sydney, Australia.

To be precise, we are located at Unit 45/566 Gardeners Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015.

We service all of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Hills District, Northern Beaches and Western Sydney.

Where can you book in to get your pipes relined in Sydney?

We come to you.

You do not need to look for pipe relining services or drain pipe repair near me. We are a mobile operation that comes to you anywhere across Sydney. Give us a call, and we can drive to you wherever your home or business is.