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Pipe Relining Services We Offer in Sydney

When most people think of plumbing trouble or a blocked drain, the’s been a leak detection either from a clogged toilet or a leaking faucet – not the need for a relining solution. 

Repairs to these kinds of problems can be costly (compared to pipe reline cost), but often the solution is pretty straightforward like a plumbing pipe fix. 

To help with these kinds of small fixes, if you are in need of Sydneys plumbing specialist or a strata plumbing expert, we can get you in touch with a trusted supplier for all your property management needs to be conducted by a professional plumber. They can help with emergency plumbing or your plumbing pipe relining needs.

Now let’s get back to the bigger problem if you have a blocked drain or your sydney pipes are burst and you need permanent pipe relining solutions.

This is required when the pipes under the house or lawn get damaged. That becomes an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to fix damaged pipes underground.

  1. Traditional methods. Sydney homeowners can begin digging up the landscaping and blowing holes in the concrete foundation to expose and replace the broken pipes.
  2. A relining solution. We can reline the existing pipes internally using an environmentally friendly epoxy resin coated liner (aka Pipe Relining).

So is pipe relining worth it for property owners?

The first option to repair pipes can cost thousands of dollars in both the process and subsequent restoration. However, the second, the relining installation option, can be done in an afternoon with minimal to no exposure, at far less cost and minimal disruption to your day


Sewer Pipe Relining


Damages to underground pipes come from many different sources. In Sydney, root intrusions are a common culprit, compromising lines or stormwater pipes by slowly working their way through joints, seeking the water the tubing carries inside – leading to a burst pipe. 

Because homes & pipework across Sydney (depending on the type of pipe) are old, some pipes develop cracks due to this age or environmental factors such as heat or moisture. In addition, heavy machinery or vehicles can easily crack sewage lines hidden beneath the surface of a lawn or landscape. Pipe relining in Sydney is a straightforward option for any of these problems. Here is how it works.

Here Is How It Works – The Pipe Relining Process


First, a Pipe Relining technician inspects the damaged pipes using a remote cctv camera – called CCTV inspections or drain inspections. You can also do this as an annual inspection to stay proactive towards any drain pipes or storm water pipes you think may have future problems. This is done using a robotic interface that allows the interior of each branch in the system to be examined closely for cracks or collapsed walls; this is the first step in the relining system. Once the damage is located, a high-pressure jet clears away the debris and any blockage that may have occurred due to roots or incursion. Only rarely do technicians need to actually dig a hole during a pipe relining job. However, quality repair specialists will always make it a priority to fill these back in after repairs.

Once the damage is located and the site is prepared, service personnel insert a specialised textile liner (the relining product consisting of epoxy resin) coated with an adhesive resin into the faulty channel using pressurised air or water. This process (called drain relining) inverts the textile liner, pushing the adhesive resin against the inside of the pipe as it expands to perfectly cover the damaged areas, creating a uniform protective seal across the length of the broken pipe. The pressure used to impress the liner against the walls of the cylinder is held steady until the resin has been set and cured.

Finally, once the repair is made and the liner has become solid, the technician will re-inspect the area using the remote camera. This confirms that repairs to the damaged section have been held and that all obstructions have been removed from the system. Once cured, the sewer pipe relining is a permanent repair. The textile liner and resin have a guaranteed lifespan of twenty-five years, and most will last over fifty under normal conditions – making relining your pipes a no brainer rather than even thinking about pipe replacement.

Trenchless Pipe Relining


Underground pipe repair in Sydney traditionally consists of digging a trench along the length of pipe assumed to be the area needing restoration. This can be incredibly damaging to the surrounding landscape and structural foundation and is often done with a “best guess” of where the break or collapse actually occurred. If the rupture is located quickly, the old pipe is removed, and a new pipe is used to replace it. This removal exposes the entire area to whatever sewage the system contains for as long as the repairs take.

Even after the repairs are finished, cleanup and landscaping can take days, if not weeks, to complete. 

But with trenchless pipe relining Sydney, repairs are made on the spot with minimal excavation. No pipes are removed and the only exposure to sewage comes from the initial damage. The textile liner is flexible and robust. It is injected into the compromised system in one smooth motion, sealing and repairing the passage without disrupting the surrounding grounds or building. 

This is faster and less expensive than traditional repairs. 

While trenches can ruin landscaping, traditional pipe repair inside a building with a leak beneath the concrete slab can mean tearing out entire floor sections with a jackhammer. Replacement and repair costs for returning a concrete foundation to its original state can quickly dwarf the pipe repair costs (find out more about pipe reline cost here) . 

Relining minimises the repairs’ effect on the surrounding grounds and structure, saving property owners both trouble and money on their Sydney pipes.

A Permanent Solution

What’s the life expectancy?

Pipe relining, while a quick installation of the relined section, is not pipe patching. It is not a temporary repair that flakes away or washes off after a season. It is not something to be done in an emergency, to last until a proper repair can be made. This is the entire repair, done quickly and without complication or mess. It is inexpensive, permanent, durable and proven. While we don’t offer a lifetime guaranteed solution, we offer a 35 year guarantee on all work.  Once the resin-coated textile liner is set in place, it will last dozens of years without the need for repair or maintenance on your Sydney home.

Whether the system has roots creeping in through the joints, a crack letting in the sand, or an entire section missing due to wall collapse requiring junction repairs, pipe relining is the only solution that makes sense. It is the easiest, most inexpensive way to quickly repair a compromised sewage or stormwater system. The Sydney Relining Company covers and services all areas across Sydney.

We are a family owned business (watch video of us on our about us page). Brawoliner is fully approved by the Australian standards and Australian watermark approved. Talk to us to see if we offer warranty underwritten by insurer. We are your pipe relining expert to help you keep your stormwater pipes, existing pipe like PVC pipes or other type of pipe free from root intrusions and damage or help you reline pipes such as collapsed pipe work. We operate all over Sydney including Surry Hills, Hills District, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West across the Eastern Suburbs or anywhere you may need to reline in Sydney using our relining system.

We are your Sydney pipe relining specialists with access to any professional plumber needs, making us your one stop shop for any pipe relining job. Call us on 0488 885 166 for any leak detection or further discuss our relining product.

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