Cost For Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Costs


People are amazed by the technology of pipe relining and how it works but our most frequently asked question is “How Much Do Pipe Relining Costs?


We find this is our most difficult question to answer as every job basis or task is completely different and requires more information or investigation work to work out the cost.


Pipe Relining Cost Factors

  • Size of the pipe?
  • Length of the pipe?
  • Is it a Small section we need to reline or a complete reline?
  • Are there any Junctions within the relined area?
  • Does the complete junction need to be relined?
  • What is the access to the drain?
  • How many access points are there?
  • What type of liner would be best for the application?
  • Does the drain require any robotic cutting prior to the installation?
  • Does the drain run under a main road or council path?
  • Can the drain be relined or has it collapsed?


These are some of the questions that our technicians answer on a free consultation in order for us to gather a quote. Without investigating the drains with our CCTV equipment, we are unable to provide an accurate quote which could lead to us underquoting or simply quoting too high.


To help give an indication of cost. We have found that the majority of relining jobs are generally 20% cheaper than what it would cost to excavate and replace the drain. The benefit of relining is that all work in most cases gets completed on the same day and there is no mess or disruption to your property. The big bonus is that you also receive a massive 25-year warranty on the installation and a 50year life expectancy on the product.


Is Pipe Relining Worth it?


Pipe Relining Method can be used in 99% of the time other than that 1% chance that the drain has completely collapsed and water cannot flow through which will become an emergency repair which is also a service our company has to offer.


Some of the other cost that our customers forget to take into consideration when getting quotes to excavate and replace there drains is the restoration cost of their landscapes or driveways. In some scenarios, a section repair of a designer driveway or garden is more noticeable as it is difficult to match the existing.


We find the first step to your enquiry is to callĀ the Relining Company direct and let us organise a time that suits you to come and provide a free onsite consultation and receive a quote there and then on the spot to help make your decision.


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