Trenchless Pipe Relining Sydney

Repair your underground Sydney pipes
—without digging up your yard

Is your sewer backing up or are your drains blocked beyond a simple plumbing repair? Your Sydney property may be due for trenchless pipe relining.

Unfortunately, traditional pipe replacement is infamous for damaging lawns, driveways and compromising building foundations. But what if we told you there’s a dig-free option for your underground pipes? Trenchless pipe relining is an innovative pipe repair method that fixes your broken pipe without the headache of digging up your landscape.

Trenchless pipe relining is a modern solution to an age-old problem

The Relining Company has invested serious time in finding an alternative solution that doesn’t require such destructive methods of pipe repair.

Using our 20 years of experience we have found a method that not only allows us to repair pipes without breaking ground but is manufactured by a company that is just as committed to quality and durability as we are.

Don’t wait! Call us to reline your broken pipe at 0488 885 166.

The Relining Company Team working on the site

Repair your damaged pipes with no-dig
Sydney pipe relining

Want to repair your broken sewer pipes without ripping out your landscaping? Preserve the beauty of your Sydney property with Trenchless pipe relining.

Thanks to our advanced pipe relining technology and the high level of detail given by our pipe relining experts, you’ll forget all about your broken pipe before the week is over.

Broken sewer pipes left in poor repair can put your home at risk for mould, sewer odours, poor drainage and even foundation cracks. Protect your home with our innovative no-dig sewer pipe relining process.

Don’t put off these essential plumbing pipe repairs, call us to ask about our Sydney pipe relining services!

Pipe relining expert fixing sydney homeowners pipes
CCTV Inspection of cracked pipe under concrete slab

Say goodbye to blocked drains with trenchless pipe relining

After 20+ years of experience in pipe repair, we found a pipe repair solution that allows us to repair pipes without breaking ground or ripping out your pool.

How? With Brawoliner’s durable textile liners manufactured by a company that’s just as committed to high-quality products as we are.

The result is a permanent repair solution for your existing pipes. This prevents plumbing problems and contributes to the long-term health of your sewer pipes.

What is no-dig pipe relining?

Before pipe relining, most plumbing pipe repairs needed full pipe replacement due to the pipe requiring access from above ground.

Trenchless pipe relining repairs broken pipes without breaking ground. We access and fix the damaged pipe through a single keyhole access point.

With our drain pipe relining services, you will not only have your pipes relined but thoroughly cleaned and inspected, all without breaking ground.

We do a CCTV pipe inspection and use high-pressure water jets to clean and clear your old pipes. Then, your old pipe is fitted with our durable pipe liner and inspected for quality assurance.

Man relining pipe without digging
Before After Before image of a broken pipeAn after image of a relined pipe

A permanent fix

This system inserts a resin coated liner into your damaged pipes to create a new pipe within your old pipe. The flexible characteristics allow the product to manipulate around multiple bends which then sets hard to reinforce the integrity of your existing drain. As the liner is a continuous seamless seal this increases the flow and performance of your drain for a permanent fix.

35 Year - icon

35 Year

How we use it

We can provide many repair and restoration services for your pipes, including

Problems this fixes

Common issues we can fix using this service include

What's the cost?

There are many factors to consider in providing a quote so it's best to assess the problem in person.

Book a free consulation with us and we can provide obligaton free quote to fix your problem.

What's the difference?

Replacing vs Relining

In the past it was required to dig up the old pipes in order to remove them completely and replace with new pipes. This can be extremely expensive depending on factors such as accessibility and the potential destruction of the surrounding landscape.

A pipe


Replacing pipe sections

When replacing a section of pipe within an existing drainage system, plumbers must use rubber clamps known as “Plumb Quicks”.

Plumb Quicks are the only method of adapting a new section of PVC pipe to the old pipe.

Unfortunately, this is only covered by a 6-year warranty under the fair trading act as a rubber fixture will get brittle with time and break down, causing water from the drain to leak and tree roots to appear.

The inside of a pipe cut lengthwise


The relining option

Relining is a simple procedure that creates a seamless seal by injecting epoxy resin into a damaged pipe, effectively creating a new pipe within the old pipe that is strong and completely watertight.

Not only does it stop the pipe from leaking, but it also increases the integrity of the drain preventing further movement and damage.

A digital illustration of a pipe being relined

We repair pipes that plumbers can’t get to.

Whether it’s under a road or even below a tiled bathroom where you cannot simply replace the tiles.

The benefits

Why choose pipe relining over replacement?

Compared to the traditional method of repairing drains, Pipe Relining offers some distinct advantages including:

How do we repair your pipes?

Our repair methodology is simple and designed to guarantee the quality of our work.

  1. We perform a thorough inspection of your pipes. To inspect the source and extent of your problem, we use a thin, flexible camera to run down the inside of your pipe and examine the origin of the issue. Very rarely, we might have to create a small hole to allow the camera through, which will be returned to its original state once our work is done.
  1. We clean out any blockages. Your damaged pipe might have allowed debris into the pipe cavity, or a tree root might have caused the crack in the first place. If we find any obstruction, we use a high-pressure jet to clean it.
  1. We reline your pipes. Once the damage is found and the pipes clear, we insert the Brawoliner into the pipe and use pressure to press the liner to the inside of the pipe wall. The material then sets and creates a durable lining that acts like a new pipe.
  1. We inspect our work. Finally, we use the camera again to inspect our work and ensure that the lining is doing its job correctly. We will give you a recording of this video on a USB and issue you a 35-year guarantee on our relining work.
Sydney homeowner looking for pipe relining options

Don't rip up your bathroom tiles!
Reline your broken pipes instead.

Pipe connections run like a maze throughout your home, behind the walls and under the flooring. This often means your plumbing pipes will burst in the worst spot – in the laundry, the family bathroom or even in the living room.

You may assume this means your new carpet, hand-laid bathroom floor tiles, load-bearing wall or even the foundations of your home are done for. Think again!

If your plumber suggests ripping out a wall or pulling the pipe up through the floor, give our pipe relining Sydney crew a call to see if we can save the inside of your home from disaster.

Preserve your backyard's beauty
with Sydney pipe relining

Landscaping is not cheap. And growing trees is not a fast process. Time, money and effort have gone into your landscaping, and nothing would be worse than seeing it ripped up right in front of you. Unfortunately, most pipe replacement companies do exactly that.

If invasive tree roots are damaging your underground pipes, save yourself the heartache of a digging up your backyard. Instead, repair your existing pipe with our pipe relining solutions.

With our advanced pipe relining technology, our team will relieve your home’s blocked drains or leaking pipes without ripping up your beautiful hedges.

Relining company fixing broken underground pipes
The Cost of Trenchless Pipe Relining

How much does no dig pipe relining in Sydney cost?

Plumbing services may not be your favourite thing to prioritise in the budget, but relining pipes is one of the most affordable ways to fix your broken sewer line. Pipe relining is a permanent solution without the fuss of ripping up your landscaping.

While there are various causes for a broken sewer pipe, relining Sydney pipes with the help of The Relining Company will keep your backyard and your budget safe.

Trenchless Pipe Relining vs
Traditional Pipe Repair Costs

You may be wondering, is pipe relining worth the cost? Absolutely.

The pipe relining cost is far lower than the cost of pipe replacement (for more than just the pipe patching work itself), and many of the associated costs vary.

Let’s compare pipe relining costs with costs of traditional pipe repair methods:

The inside of a pipe cut lengthwise

The Relining Company

Trenchless Pipe Relining Costs

  • The length of your damaged pipe
  • Labour fees for one or two pipe relining specialists
  • The cost of materials such as resin, the epoxy liner and tubing
  • The number of pipe junctions to navigate
A pipe

Pipe replacement companies

Traditional Pipe Repair Costs

  • The cost of new PVC pipes
  • The labour fees for a whole team to dig trenches 
  • Labour for the pipe replacement service
  • Repair costs for your landscaping or renovations after digging
  • Road closure and traffic control
  • Work safety including permits
  • Reinstatement of roads and pathways to their original state
Relining company employee smiling and holding water jet blaster

5 Benefits of trenchless pipe relining in Sydney

  1. Less invasive than pipe replacement
  2. Durable enough to withstand the long haul
  3. Keeps your landscaping intact
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Time efficient – most work is completed in just one day!
35+ Year Guarantee

Brawoliner technology for
long-lasting pipes

Brawoliner is the world’s leading trenchless technology solution. We insert Brawoliner’s high-quality, epoxy resin liner into your pipes via a “keyhole” access point. The liner then sets into an extremely durable material and becomes the new walls of your existing pipe.

Not all pipe relining companies or pipe relining suppliers are qualified to use Brawoliner’s certified materials. As a fully qualified and certified Brawoliner installer, nobody is more qualified to repair your Sydney pipes than our pipe relining experts. We provide the best solution at competitive prices with all the latest technology.

Using this ingenious method, our pipe relining experts repair your Sydney pipes in less time, at a cheaper cost while still guaranteeing quality work.

Pipe relining A long-term solution for Sydney homeowners

The Relining Company is leading the way in advanced plumbing solutions for Sydney homes. Your relined pipes will function like new for years to come.

As your local Sydney pipe relining specialists, we are committed to making the process easy to understand. We make sure you understand what it means to reline pipes and help you move forward with confidence.

We believe in the benefits of pipe relining and can’t wait to show you the difference that this innovative, modern process can make to your sewer systems. 

Pipe relining team chatting about business

Nothing can stop a business in its tracks like a burst pipe. 

Stench, mould, and debris can cause an occupational health and safety issue that can shut down your business, costing you money and time, and causing undue stress.

The Relining Company solves your plumbing problems quickly so blocked drains, overflowing, or collapsed pipes are no longer a concern.

Our pipe relining specialists will arrive any time that suits your business. Typically, the pipe relining process takes less than a day to get your sewer line flowing freely again.

Project Example

A white house with palm trees and a pool
Greenoaks Ave, Darling Point


More helpful details

We can reline any material pipe from PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, Concrete, or Victurius Clay Pipe.

We can reline pipes as small as 40mm in diameter and as large as 450mm.

No, most properties have an inspection port at ground level, which is adequate access to reline a pipe. When this is not available we can also disconnect the toilet and access the pipe for relining purposes. 

Pipe relining is a permanent solution. The life span of our material is over 50 years, and we also offer a 35-year guarantee on all our work.

Pipe relining can take anywhere from 4 hours to a full day, but generally we will arrive at 7:30am and prepare the lining work which is ready to be installed by 9:00am. Once the liner has cured the work is complete, usually by around 2:00pm on the same day. 

We perform stormwater drain cleaning services with our jet blasting technology, this removes any stubborn tree roots or lodged debris to prevent cracks and blockages.

We are proud to be pioneers of Sydney pipe relining solutions. As one of the only teams qualified in using the original Brawoliner relining system, our work comes highly guaranteed with an over 30-year warranty. 

As a pipe relining company focusing solely on pipe relining, you can rest assured that we bring the best, most specialised attention to all relining jobs. With follow up support, no hidden costs and top-notch customer service, you don’t need to look anywhere else for your pipe relining solutions. 

We can reline a simple crack in the drain that’s located metres away from the access point using our Sectional Relining Method or we can reline the complete pipe using our Inversion lining Method.

We have relined pipes that are partially collapsed or completely collapsed. When it is fully collapsed, we use our robotic cutter to grind away at the broken sections of pipe to re-open the internal diameter.

Yes, on the rare occasion that relining is not an option we will provide a quote for the cost to replace the pipe as our staff are licensed plumbers.

How it works

See our process, from consultation to support

The Relining Company's Mobile Services
What our customers say

Reputation for excellence

Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson

Full marks to Steve and the team. They were professional, communicated well and did a good job at a competitive price. Would highly recommend them if you need your pipes... read more

Scott D

Steve’s team were absolutely flawless from start to finish. They provided a really clear recommendation, competitive quote and were super professional and trustworthy throughout. I’d book them again... read more

Nik Weber

Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson
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Christina Borec
Christina Borec
22:56 28 Mar 22
This is a very professional and qualified team. Job was done perfectly and even though there was a ton of dirt dug up, everything was spectacularly cleaned up at the end of the job. Well done!!
Fred C
Fred C
23:54 19 Feb 22
This is a premium service who came to replace an old clay sewer pipe with PVC. They were on time for both quote and service. They offered 2 options and weighed the pros and cons of both options. Steve and Peter were easily contactable or would call back shortly when they were busy. A follow up call was made to make sure I was happy. The team that came round to replace the sewer pipe were fantastic, knowable and considerate. Very Happy.
Alex Buryak
Alex Buryak
08:44 18 Dec 21
Very good and friendly service. Highly recommended!
Emily Fong
Emily Fong
07:48 03 Dec 21
Steve and his team relined the pipes to our home recently and we're totally satisfied with the work done. Steve was very patient explaining the relining process to us and we're most appreciative when he helped us choose bathroom accessories online during the lockdown. Thank you Steve.
Reuben Bou - Samra
Reuben Bou - Samra
08:08 02 Dec 21
We used Steven and his team to do major relining work at our house. From the the outset Steven and his entire team were professional, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. All the worked was carried out very neat and tidy and they answered any questions we had. The technique and product they use is awesome and we would definitely recommend The Relining Company. Thank you Steven and team. You’ve helped us fix a stressful issue !
Jackie Stivaletta
Jackie Stivaletta
06:12 20 Nov 21
A great service provided by Adam and the team, they were punctual , friendly and thoroughly explained the whole pipe repair and relining process. A great experience and would highly recommend there services!! Thankyou
Jennifer Mackenja
Jennifer Mackenja
03:41 19 Nov 21
Yesterday the Relining Company relined a damaged sewer pipe in the backyard of a block of units in Coogee. They arrived on time and completed the job ahead of schedule. They were on hand and ready to answer any queries and they made sure they communicated, after the job was completed,, by phone explaining what they were able to accomplish. A very professional job and would recommend the company.
Ilona Hajnal
Ilona Hajnal
00:23 09 Nov 21
Amazing customer service: friendly, helpful, great communication. Highly recommended.
Cameron Webb
Cameron Webb
02:04 28 Oct 21
We had a collapsed sewer pipe and got charged a bomb to fix it by another mob. When they finished they told me the rest of the pipes would need relining and quoted me another exorbitant figure. So I called the Relining Company to get another opinion - they came around within 2 hours, stuck a camera down and confirmed the problem, without a callout fee or charge for their investigation. They also told me how they would have fixed the first problem. Their quote came out $3500 cheaper than the other mob and it would have saved me several thousands if I got them to sort out the initial problem. These guys were polite and knowledgeable, no heavying me to accept their quote on the spot, allowed me time to consider and fully informed me about the process. They were prompt, efficient, tidy and a real pleasure to deal with. I recommend this company highly and if I ever have any other poo pipe issues I won't need to shop around - I'll go straight to them. Great service!
Neil Dutton
Neil Dutton
05:52 08 Oct 21
Excellent technology. Friendly business who explained precisely their approach to relining the degraded sewer pipes in my property. The team turned up on time and left no mess. The quoted price was very competitive and these guys use the best technology. I give my full recommendation to the Pipe Relining Company.
Lauren Waldon
Lauren Waldon
21:39 17 Sep 21
Adam and Jackson were very professional and friendly. Efficient and professional. Would highly recommend this company.
Tony Ianni
Tony Ianni
04:58 16 Sep 21
The best at what they do-hands down.Always on time and never let me or my customers down- and that’s coming from a plumber.Steve and the team- Well done!!
Deannah Birtles
Deannah Birtles
10:26 12 Sep 21
I arranged for 6.2mtrs pipe relining, Steve took the details of the Job over the phone as I had 2 written quotes from other companies.I went with this company as they had come highly recommended.What these other companies had failed to do was recognise that the plumbing issue was to do with my total collapsed sewer that was seeping under the house!Unfortunately, for me the job price almost tripled due to the seriousness of the problem!However, young Jack, Jackson and Adam worked magic and Steve was extremely patient with me.Whilst on sight and within half an hour of accepting Steve’s quote which was fair, the skip bin and digger had arrived to get the job done.My 4 hour job turned into 3 days!Instead of leaving my plumbing the way it was the team worked tirelessly to get the job done in the fastest possible time frame with the best outcome for me.The result was a whole new sewer and an additional 7mtrs of pipe relining which was a blessing because my whole cemented backyard would have had to be excavated.The guys were extremely professional and the end result was top quality.From start to finish there is not one bad thing I can say about Pipe Relining Company.I highly recommend this company for any major plumbing job that needs doing.For me to be able to trust this company to do the right thing was key.15/10 thanks guys!
Ralph Amore
Ralph Amore
05:05 20 Aug 21
We regularly use The Reline Co for our pipe relining. They are always competitive in price, on time , do a great job and warrant there work. Would recommend them to anybody .
Max Robertson
Max Robertson
00:14 18 Aug 21
Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer.He identified a serious crack in the sewer line which we are going to get him to fix before it gets worse.I am very pleased with his work, tidy, knowledgeable and he has a very impressive toolkit to resolve plumbing problems efficiently.
Scott D
Scott D
05:15 07 Jul 21
Full marks to Steve and the team. They were professional, communicated well and did a good job at a competitive price. Would highly recommend them if you need your pipes relined.
Nik Weber
Nik Weber
04:59 07 Jul 21
Steve’s team were absolutely flawless from start to finish. They provided a really clear recommendation, competitive quote and were super professional and trustworthy throughout. I’d book them again in a heartbeat.
Jennifer Ledingham
Jennifer Ledingham
06:38 06 Jul 21
These guys did a great job. They were so polite, prompt and efficient.
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy
05:09 25 Jun 21
The team from The Relining Company gave me a huge amount of confidence in their ability to identify and resolve major sewerage damage on my property. They helped me understand the cause and effect and provided a responsive plan of action. Very happy and highly recommend.
Budwi Charbel
Budwi Charbel
19:07 03 Jun 21
I’m a builder in the eastern suburbs and the Relining company have attended on a number of occasions to clean the drains on my Job sites when building waste gets flushed down the pipes. They were even able to remove concrete on a job in Coogee.Always a great service with this company
Don Price
Don Price
07:31 31 May 21
Excellent company to deal with. Friendly and knowledgeable. Just had my free 1 year follow up of my sewer pipe lining. Quick and prompt service. Highly recommended.
Jason Todoroski
Jason Todoroski
01:10 31 May 21
One of the best companies ive ever dealt with . Customer service ,and workman ship is 2nd to none. Saved me alot of time and money. Cleaned up when they finished , even wanting to mop the tiles. Cannot recommend these plumbers highly enough . Thanks to Peter at the head office and the awesome plumbers on site Adam and Jackson. So friendly and amazing work.A1. Thank you
anthony elias
anthony elias
03:37 05 May 21
I was impressed with the whole operation from my first enquiry to the prompt completion of a very challenging drain unblocking. Highly recommended.
Henk Eberwijn
Henk Eberwijn
02:32 05 May 21
All the staff were very helpfull and informative. They did a great job relining the the pipes leaving the work area clean and tidy. Very satisfied with job.
McMullin & co.
McMullin & co.
11:13 03 May 21
I highly recommend the Relining company. They changed me $6000 less than another company who quoted me and not to mention all their staff were exceptionally nice and went above and beyond. Thanks Paul, Adam and Luke for making the experience so seamless and doing a fantastic job.
Madeline McMahon
Madeline McMahon
03:38 29 Apr 21
The Relining Company came and unblocked my pipes in north bondi. Overall great service and they cleaned up after themselves.Highly recommend
Nalan Erdogan
Nalan Erdogan
14:28 16 Apr 21
Every interaction I had with different team members was professional, courteous and they were all very responsive. I appreciated that I was provided with information that allowed me to make the right decision. I was even given a USB stick with camera footage so I could see the issue with my own eyes rather than just being told. Not only did they fix the problem, they also cleaned up after the job was done. I'm so impressed with the level of effort and professionalism. Highly recommend their services.
Neil Rowland
Neil Rowland
03:52 06 Apr 21
I highly recommend The Relinging Company. From start to finish the honesty, attention to detail and overall friendly staff was second to none...thank you so much guys. Five ⭐️’s.
Jane Thorpe
Jane Thorpe
03:09 19 Mar 21
The Relining Company re-lined the rest of my sewerage pipes after they found further blockages and tree roots and replaced a gully. I had used them two months earlier. As before - they were professional, on time and gave great customer service! They confirmed arrival times and arrived at the time promised. They did a great job of cleaning up and replaced my verandah boards even though that was not included in the quote. I would thoroughly recommend them to other homeowners struggling with plumbing issues.
Brenda La
Brenda La
11:11 08 Mar 21
We would like to thank The Relining Company for repairing our sewer pipes. They were efficient, professional, skilled and worked with care to our home.We would recommend their service definitely.
Gino Giangrasso
Gino Giangrasso
06:52 19 Jan 21
I found the tradies from The Relining Company to be reliable, prompt, very professional and clean. They completed my job efficiently. Very knowledgeable in the work they carry out. Highly recommend their services.
Ed Ness
Ed Ness
23:19 08 Nov 20
Peter from the Pipe Relining Company came over & thoroughly investigated a small leak we had. In doing so he & his team discovered some unrelated issues further down the pipe, which were good to address & fix before they became bigger issues down the track.The guys were prompt, very professional and good value for money. Re questions post installation, I had a call back within 10 minutes to make sure everything was ok. No hesitation in recommending the Pipe Relining Company to anyone looking have their pipes relined.
Brian Jarvie
Brian Jarvie
02:55 29 Oct 20
We intended to obtain two quotes to line our sewer pipes to prevent the roots of the huge fig tree in our street from constantly blocking the pipes. On the advice of our plumber, we obtained a quote from The Relining Company. After meeting Peter from that firm, we did not obtain a second quote for the work as Peter was most impressive in addition to being very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his work. We were also most impressed that Peter did not pressure us to accept his quote. The work was carried out by Peter and Adam and we were extremely pleased with their professional workmanship. Every step of the complicated process was carefully explained to us and our courtyard was left in immaculate condition. It was also very pleasing to hear the men speak so highly about Steve, the owner of the company. We consider we received excellent value for such intricate work requiring expensive equipment and we therefore highly recommend this outstanding company.Brian and Kay Jarvie.
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