Trenchless Pipe Relining

Trenchless (No Dig) Pipe Relining Services

A cracked or damaged pipe within your home has historically been a difficult and costly problem to repair. It often required plumbers to dig up your garden, break through your driveway or pavement to take out the damaged pipes and replace them with new ones.


The Relining Company has invested serious time in finding an alternative solution that doesn’t require such destructive methods of pipe repair. Using our 20 years of experience we have found a method that not only allows us to repair pipes without breaking ground but is manufactured by a company that is just as committed to quality and durability as we are.

Brawoliner Pipe Reliner

Brawoliner is the world’s leading solution to trenchless pipe repair. A material researched and manufactured in Germany it uses at epoxy resin liner that is inserted into your pipes using a “keyhole”. The liner then sets into an extremely durable material and becomes the new walls of your existing pipe.


Using this ingenious method we are able to repair your pipes in less time, at a cheaper cost and still guarantee quality work in the long run.

How do we repair your pipes?

Our repair methodology is simple and designed to guarantee the quality of our work.


We perform a thorough inspection of your pipes. To inspect the source and extent of your problem we use a thin, flexible camera to run down the inside of your pipe and examine the origin of the issue. Very rarely we might have to create a small hole to allow the camera through, which will be returned to its original state once our work is done.


We clean out any blockages. Your damaged pipe might have allowed debris into the pipe cavity or a tree root might have caused the crack in the first place. If we find any obstruction we use a high pressure jet to clean it out.


We reline your pipes. Once the damage is found and pipes clear we insert the Brawoliner into the pipe and use pressure to press the liner to the inside of the pipe wall. The material then sets and creates a durable lining that acts exactly the same way as a new pipe.


We inspect our work. Finally, we use the camera again to inspect our work and ensure that the lining is doing its job properly. We will give you a recording of this video on a USB and issue you a 35 year guarantee on our relining work.

What makes our work that much better?

We use only the best materials. Brawoliner is the best material on the market, ensured by the rigorous testing and manufacturing standards of German industry.


We guarantee quality for 35 years. Brawoliner has a life expectancy of 50-years, allowing us to personally guarantee our work for 35 years (rather than the industry standard of 7-years) and provide a customer loyalty discount for any future projects.


Trenchless pipe relining is cheaper. Trenchless pipe relining can be anywhere up to 50% cheaper than digging up your pipes, with a lot less collateral damage and still guaranteed quality.


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