Why Brawoliner is the best in the business

Brawoliner product with 90 degree bend

Here at The Relining Company, we are passionate about using the best products to make sure your pipe repairs withstand the test of time. To do this, we use certified Brawoliner products, which are innovative German-engineered solutions for fixing cracked pipes.

Brawoliner systems have a working life of up to 50 years, making them an economic and sustainable solution for many different plumbing pipe issues. Keep reading to learn more about this internationally acclaimed product and why they’re the best long-term solution for Sydney pipe relining.

What makes Brawoliner better than other relining products?

Brawoliner pipe relining solutions

Brawoliner products are the best relining solution for cracked pipes because they fix a large range of pipe problems and last up to 50 years.

Common plumbing pipe issues Brawoliner fixes:

  • Cracked underground pipes
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Damages to pipes cause by tree roots and erosion
  • Old & ageing pipes
  • Smelly pipes caused by damaged sewer drains

An in depth look into Brawoliner products

Brawoliner is quick, affordable, and a durable option for rehabilitating buried pipes and their connection lines. The products are strong enough to reach pipe lines buried deep underground and flexible enough to fix broken sewer pipes underneath buildings.

Pipes with T-Junctions that wrap around corners or sharp bends are no problem for the Brawoliner pipe repair system. These flexible products easily bend up to 90 degrees and adapt to the size of your broken pipes. They provide a seamless connection and lining inside the old pipe, making your pipes flow better than ever. 

Why people rate Brawoliner products as the best

Why people rate Brawoliner products as the best

They’ve been on the market for over 25 years

Inspired by a case of damage at its own company, Brawoliner designed a flexible hose liner in 1998, which for the first time enabled defective pipes with bends up to 90° and dimensional changes to be reliably and permanently fixed.

They rank highest in the construction sector

From the beginning, Brawoliner has aimed to be the best. As a result, they made the first branch pipe liner with Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) certification in 2005.

This certification is the highest German technical authority for the construction sector and is the highest approval you can get for pipe relining systems.

Even the queen of England uses them

You will now find Brawoliner wherever you find pipes – i.e., everywhere. Demand for the product is worldwide. 

For example, it is installed on an offshore Norwegian drilling rig, for training courses in Singapore and Japan, and provides support on construction sites in Tel Aviv, Rome, and Ireland.

It’s been used to repair the pipe networks in Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament in London. Even the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig has used them.

3 Reasons why Brawoliner is better than other liners

3 Reasons why Brawoliner is better than other liners

1. A permanent seal

Brawoliner is the only seamless textile liner on the market that uses a green epoxy resin to create a permanent seal between the liner and the pipe.

Other cheaper quality liners are a felt type fabric that has been stitched together. This seam in cheaper ones can create a weak spot in the liner that, when under pressure, can split and deteriorate.

2. Non-invasive repair solution for broken sewer pipes

With Brawoliner pipe relining systems, there is no need to excavate or dig up large trenches of land to access the pipes. It’s a big part of how we deliver on our no-dig, high-quality repairs.

Its German-designed pipe resin has a high abrasion and chemical resistance that isn’t found in other relining products. It is free of solvents, making it environmentally friendly when hardened, and its mechanically engineered properties ensure that it won’t shrink in the pipe like some other resins. This keeps pesky tree roots and debris at bay.

3. Ability to rehabilitate broken pipe lines

Not all pipe relining systems are made equal, and by using the most flexible and durable products in the world, we believe Brawoliner is the perfect product for relining your pipes.

You only get one chance to get the job done right when relining, and by perfecting it the first time, using the best products and methods, you won’t have to spend more time and money going back to fix a dodgy job.

Make sure you install a quality liner to keep your pipes running exactly how they should for years to come. If you would like to discover the Brawoliner difference for yourself, book a free consult with our certified pipe specialists at The Relining Company

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