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Here’s What Some Of Our Customers In The Wider Sydney Area Had To Say


“I booked in time for a free inspection online and had the team show up at 11am on the dot! After using their camera to inspect the pipes they were able to show me the cause of my problem and gave me a quote to repair the damage. All work was completely quickly and without any problems, they cleaned up after finishing and left me with a video recording of the work carried out.”

Christine Arpin, Ashfield


I called The Relining Company for an emergency job in the morning, Steve arrived two hours later and after a quick inspection gave us a quote on the spot. Our pipes were fixed by that afternoon and I even got a USB with before and after videos to show me exactly what the problem was and how it was solved.

Jacob Platt, Hurstville

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Repairing a pipe is no easy task and traditionally involves having to dig the whole thing up to replace it with a new one. Pipe relining has completely changed the game, formulated to allow plumbers to repair damaged pipes without having to dig up the old ones to do it. The method involves introducing an epoxy resin material into the damaged pipe while it is still in the ground through a small hole. The epoxy resin is then used to reline the pipe’s walls and hardens to repair any cracks without any excavation involved, saving the residents a lot of time and money while still providing them with a high quality repair.

Our Pipe Relining work is Guaranteed for 35 Years for a permanent solution to cracked and broken pipes!

  • Pipe Inspection

    Damaged pipes and drains can happen for any number of reasons, so we use a thin CCTV camera to inspect the inside of the pipe and ascertain the cause of the issue.

  • We Remove Obstructions

    Once we know what damaged your pipes we clear out any blockages from the inside using a high pressure jet or robotic cutting.

  • We reline your damaged pipe

    We use our epoxy resin material to reline your pipe and repair any cracks or damaged sections.

  • We inspect our repairs

    We do one final check to ensure that our repair holds up to our high standard of work.

*all prices are exclusive of GST

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Our North Shore Pipe Relining Services

Plumbing is one of the easiest things in the house to overlook until you suddenly can’t flush your toilet or can’t pour some water for that coffee you are making. Plumbing needs to be fixed fast and at a high quality to ensure that you can get back to your everyday life and minimise damage to your property, which is why The Relining Company focuses on getting on location fast and giving you the best quality repair available on the market.

The North Shore is nestled between the stunning beaches crowning Sydney and the fantastic upper area of Sydney Harbour, making it one of the most popular areas for people to settle down and start growing their roots. This popularity however also means a long history and a hundred different architectural styles as each generation tries to carve out their little piece of the North Shore. This makes having a quality plumbing provider who understands the local infrastructure vital to effective pipe repair services.

  • The materials we use - At The Relining Company we only use the best materials. At the moment this means using Brawoliner as our epoxy resin material of choice, however, we are always on the lookout for something even better.
  • The guarantee we provide - Our service guarantee is 35 years on repairs, far above the industry standard of 7 years!
  • The price we offer - Pipe relining, due to the reduced labour and time required can be up to half the price of traditional pipe replacement.

Why do you need your pipes relined and repaired?

There are many causes for damaged pipes and drains. Some of the most common reasons are described below.


Believe it or not, tree roots cause damage to pipes and drains more than anything else. This is due to the frequency by which clay pipes were often installed with rubber ring joints. Once the rubber joints started to break down, the drain would leak, allowing tree roots to get in. The tree roots invade the pipes and create problems with drainage.


Pipes are the veins and arteries of our homes and a fundamental part of how everything works together. They are also hidden behind walls, floors and the dirt in our backyards, making them an easy thing to overlook when planning a DIY renovation. Often you think you know where the pipes and drains are, you start digging and next thing you know you’ve caved in key pipes and drainage for your house, this happens more often than you would think.


Sydney’s North Shore has some very old infrastructure, and we have seen piping and drainage technology come a long way in the 200+ year history of this city. Nothing lasts forever, with old clay pipes finally giving way. There is also a lot of movement due to the city being built on Sandstone and Clay, particularly during long dry and wet periods, that also puts pressure on old pipes, which tend to have less flexibility and are likely to crack.

brawoliner cross section orange relined pipe

Need your Pipes Relined and Repaired in North Shore Sydney?

If you have a damaged pipes and drains right now, you should act fast to avoid further damage to your plumbing system. Give us a call and we can save you thousands of dollars that could occur due to flooding and contamination. Don’t ignore the problem as it will only worsen with time. We have the tools and technology to repair and reline your pipes with a 35 year guarantee.

If your drains or pipes damaged, call us right now on 0404 879 929 and let our technicians come out and survey your problem today. We have the latest pipe relining technology and skills to fix your pipes without having to dig them up.

We Reline Pipes and Drains In All North Shore Suburbs

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