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In order to provide the best quality plumbing services available today, a plumbing provider must continually keep themselves up to date with the latest advances. This is why The Relining Company has made it a priority to always stay up to date with our techniques and combine this with our two decades of experience to provide some of the best pipe relining and blocked drain services available in Lindfield today.

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With a name meaning a clearing in the lime forest, Lindfield is still surrounded by the beautiful nature that makes it such an attractive place to settle down. Originally populated by the Kuring-Gai indigenous peoples and then growing into a fruit farming community after European settlement, Lindfield has a long construction and residential history. This history is an important component of understanding the type of work and maintenance that Lindfield residences normally require, to keep their plumbing systems healthy and flowing without a hitch.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Lindfield include:



Lindfield Pipe Relining

Pipe relining was once a new and completely innovative technology but today it has become a proven, high quality way of repairing broken pipes without needing the dig out the old damaged sections of plumbing. It works by using a small entry hole and air pressure to line the walls of the damaged pipe with epoxy resin. This resin hardens and repairs the damage to the pipe’s walls, all without needing to dig.

The advantages of pipe relining are:


  • Less chance of complications. Pipe relining uses a small hole instead of excavation for the repair, which makes it a much cleaner fix.
  • Guaranteed durability. The Relining Company offers a 25 year guarantee for pipe relining work.
  • Competitive quote for repair. Pipe relining offers highly competitive quotes because of the reduced time and labour it takes to complete.

Lindfield Tree Root Damage Repair

While tree lined streets are a pleasant addition to any neighbourhood, they can also cause significant damage to pipes as their roots go searching for nutrients and begin to invade our plumbing systems. Our tree root damage repair methodology allows us to repair the cracks and faults caused by roots without having to dig out the tree or the pipe. After an inspection of the pipe through a thin CCTV camera, we remove the roots through a high pressure jet and repair the walls using our relining technique, resulting in a high quality repair without any excavation.


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