Residential Project

Collingwood St, Drummoyne

Outdoor pool and trees

About the Project:

John made contact with his regular plumber to investigate why the backyard would flood during a heavy downpour. Once they camera inspected the pipes they found the main pipe that collects the water from both sides of the house was crushed from the paperbark tree that was located directly on top of the pipe.

The Problem:

The pipe was not accessible to replace as the garden where the pipe was located was next to a swimming pool, This meant John would have to remove the large tree in order to replace the pipe which he did not want to do as it was the only form of privacy between him and his neighbour.

How We Fixed It:

We spent approx 4 days robotically grinding away at the crushed pipe to reopen the internal diameter back to its original pipe size. Once we achieved this we relined the complete pipe using a glass reinforced liner coated in an epoxy resin which achieves a double thickness in strength compared to other liners on the market. This project was a slow process but we were able to achieve an astonishing result that no other company would attempt.

Residental Pipe relining project for Collingwood St, Drummoyne
Residental Pipe relining project for Collingwood St, Drummoyne

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