Residential Project

Hickson Rd, Darling Point

Old outdoor pipe drain

About the project:

This project involved four heritage listed houses in a row located under Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. The property at the end of the line was experiencing sewer overflow from the neighbouring properties as this was the lowest point of the sewer. 

The Problem:

We found the problem to be large holes in the pipe not only allowing outside debris to enter the drain and cause blockages but also tree roots to grow into the pipe. This drain runs under a busy main road so excavational repairs were not an option.

How we fixed it:

We required all the houses connected to this drain not to use the water supply during the course of the installation so we provided notices to all the residence so they had plenty of notice. We then relined the main pipe under the road in 1 day and had the water back in use approx 4 hrs later.

Residental pipe relining Project for Hickson Rd, Darling Point

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