Neutral Bay Pipe Relining

Today plumbing issues are more or less the same as they’ve been for centuries, but the solutions to these problems have been dramatically evolving over the last few decades, which is why The Relining Company has made it a serious priority to keep up with the pace of change, to always provide our clients with the best modern plumbing services available on the market today.

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Named as a neutral harbour in the early days of European settlement, Neutral Bay used to host foreign ships providing them a place to anchor, rest and take on supplies without risking the safety of the main settlement. By the early 20th century Neutral Bay was embracing alternative architectural styles inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which sought to provide each house with a unique, human touch, reacting against the standardised homes found in other parts of the city. This uniqueness however means that the plumbing requires an experienced professional that can work with many different systems.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Neutral Bay include:



Neutral Bay Pipe Relining

There isn’t just one method of repairing a pipe anymore but a number of techniques being used to help fix damaged plumbing. The two most popular are pipe replacement and pipe relining. Pipe replacement is the traditional method of digging out the old pipe and replacing it with a new one.

Pipe relining was invented as a way of avoiding the need to excavate the damaged pipe, which can be quite destructive for the home. Instead it uses a small keyhole to enter the pipe and line the walls with epoxy resin, which hardens and overlays the damage within the pipe.


There are many benefits to using pipe relining over pipe replacement:


  • Digging out sections of plumbing not required. Pipe relining doesn’t require excavation, which reduces the chance of damage to the home.
  • Guaranteed longevity. Pipe relining is a high quality fix, with a life expectancy of over half a century!
  • Excellent affordability. Pipe relining is normally more affordable than pipe replacement because it takes less labour to complete.



Neutral Bay Tree Root Damage Repair

Roots are notorious for expanding beneath the ground and exploiting small cracks in pipes to get at the water and nutrients inside. Luckily, while this can cause significant damage to the plumbing system, The Relining Company has developed a high quality system for repairing the damage without excavation. We remove the roots from the pipe using a high pressure jet and then reline the walls using epoxy resin to repair the damage.


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