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Pipes, sewers and drains can become clogged or break at any time of the year, and most often do so when it is least convenient for the resident. When this happens prompt and reliable plumbing services become a real asset, which is why The Relining Company has spent the last 20 years becoming one of the most experienced and dependable plumbing services in the Gordon area.

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Formerly known as Lane Cove, Gordon has been home to some of Australia’s most important figures, including the chief engineer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, John Bradfield, and founder of the National Trust, Annie Wyatt. This long and decorated history also means that the homes and residences of Gordon have been developing for generations, changing and building upon previous plumbing systems. This makes having an experienced and reliable plumbing service extremely valuable for any projects done in Gordon and the surrounding suburbs.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Gordon include:




Pipe relining, as the name suggests, is a technique that uses air pressure to reline the inside of a pipe with a material called epoxy resin. This material hardens and repairs any faults or cracks in the pipe. This holds a distinct advantage over traditional methods of pipe replacement because it can be done through a small keyhole in the ground and doesn’t require the excavation of the old pipe.

The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Guaranteed repair quality. The greatest strength of pipe relining is its quality as a method of repair which gives it a life expectancy of 50 years, allowing us to offer a long 25 year guarantee on any pipe relining we do.
  • No damage by digging. Digging is a great way to damage your garden or the tiles of your bathroom, which is why pipe relining is the preferred method of pipe repair, allowing us to fix the pipe with minimal fuss.
  • Affordable choice. Pipe relining also takes less time, energy and labour than traditional pipe replacement, which means we can offer quotes for as little as half the price of other methods.

Gordon Tree Root Damage Repair

Tree root damage occurs when roots invade pipes looking for water. The Relining Company offers efficient tree root removal in Gordon, which involves cutting the roots out from the interior of the pipe and then relining it using our relining technique. This removes the roots and repairs the pipe all without digging out the pipe or tree.



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