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Plumbing is an often overlooked feature of a home, but once it breaks it affects every part of everyday life from cooking and cleaning, to bathing and performing other simple everyday tasks. Knowing this, The Relining Company has made it their mission to not only provide dedicated, expert services to our clients but also to do it in a manner that is as quick and efficient as possible.

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Named after the elevated and commanding position of the original house that stood overlooking the suburb, Crows Nest is one of North Sydney’s favourites. With quiet suburban streets and a cheery commercial area, there is nothing not to love about the neighbourhood. This makes it all the more important that residents have access to an experienced pipe relining and blocked drain service provider, to maintain the health and integrity of the plumbing systems that keep Crows Nest moving.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Crows Nest include:




If asked to explain pipe repair, most people would say that the original pipe would need to be dug out and replaced with a new one. Plumbers on the other hand know that technology has advanced pretty far from the days of digging out a pipe, except when it is needed as a last resort.

Today, fixing a pipe means pipe relining, which is a method of using air pressure to line the inside of a pipe with epoxy resin while it is still underground. Once lined the epoxy resin hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.


Benefits of pipe relining include:


  • Less chance of damage. Pipe relining doesn’t require digging out the old pipe, which means that there is no need to damage gardens, floors or concrete driveways to perform the repair.
  • Long life expectancy. The life expectancy of pipe relining is 50 years, which allows us to give a massive 25 year guarantee on the work that we perform.
  • Better investment. Pipe relining is a fantastic investment that is up to 50% cheaper than pipe replacement because of the efficiencies in time and manual labour.

Crows Nest Tree Root Damage Pipe Repair

Trees can cause an inordinate amount of damage to pipes if left unchecked which is why The Relining Company has developed an effective and efficient method of repairing this kind of issue without digging out the pipes or tree. We first start by inspecting the interior of the pipe with a camera, then clear out the roots with a high pressure jet. We complete the project by relining the pipes, ensuring that this issue cannot reoccur.



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