Castlecrag Pipe Relining

After twenty years of unblocking toilets, cutting through tree root damage and repairing broken pipes, The Relining Company knows its industry. With a reputation for expert, reliable services and a penchant for getting on site fast, our plumbing services offer experienced and efficient support for any plumbing issue.

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Named by the architects of the Australian capital city Canberra, Castlecrag takes its name from the tall crag of rock overlooking the suburb. Most early homes in the area were built in the Arts and Crafts Movement style, which involved natural stone and blending into the environment. This “human touch” to homes however meant that each residence had its own unique layout and plumbing system, which makes having an expert pipe relining and blocked drain provider a must for any projects in the area.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in Castlecrag include:




A broken pipe is almost always a mess, water and waste spilling out into backyard, or even worse into the home, the inconvenience of not being able to use your facilities and the delays as you wait for it all to be repaired. In the past this was only exacerbated by the fact that the only way to repair a pipe was to dig it up.

Today however the outlook is not so bleak with the invention of pipe relining. Pipe relining allows plumbers to repair the pipes where they are in the ground without having to dig them out. The technique works by creating a small keyhole and then using it to reline the inside of the pipe with epoxy resin, a textile-like material that sets into a rock hard lining that becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • First-rate fix. Using only the best materials, pipe relining is a quality fix that can last for decades.
  • No need to dig a trench. No digging means less damage to the home and a cleaner fix.
  • Inexpensive repair. Pipe relining is a quicker, more efficient fix, making it as little as half the price of replacing the pipe.

Castlecrag Blocked Drain Services

As a mostly residential area, Castlecrag experiences blocked drains regularly and mostly due to human error. Whether it’s a toy flushed down the toilet or a grease blockage in the kitchen The Relining Company aims to get on site as quickly as possible to unclog that blockage. Using acid washes, plungers and high pressure jet blasts we get you back to your everyday life in no time.


Castlecrag Tree Root Damage Repair

In an area with as much nature as Castlecrag it is no surprise that tree root damage is a common cause of blocked and broken pipes. This type of issue is The Relining Company’s specialty. We start by inspecting the damage and then clearing out the root from the pipe using a high pressure jet. Afterwards we repair the pipe using our relining technique, repairing the damage without digging out the tree or the pipe.



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