North Sydney Pipe Relining

Pipe Relning Truck on North Sydney streetThe Relining Company has been a major player in the pipe repair and maintenance industry for over 20 years. Over time we have built a strong reputation for expert services and have actively invested in innovative, improved ways of dealing with pipe and sewer issues. We are a big believer of technology and effective change, meaning that you won’t find a faster, better fix anywhere on the market.


As one of the oldest parts of the city North Sydney has some beautiful homes, however, as with anything that ages issues start to crop up over time. Pipes, sewers and drains are particularly susceptible to degeneration over time, meaning that a trusted, professional service for pipe repair and maintenance is fundamental to protecting your home and investment.


The Pipe Relining Company’s services in North Sydney include:

Innovative Pipe and Sewer Repairs

If you are looking for pipe and sewer repair services in North Sydney then we have some of the fastest, most durable fixes on the market.

Most damage to pipes doesn’t need a complete replacement of the system, but rather requires the pipes to be cleaned out and the walls reinforced in a durable, lasting way.

Pipe relining begins by inspecting and cleaning out the debris from your pipe and then inserting an epoxy resin to coat the walls. This resin sets into an extremely hard material becoming the new walls of your sewer or drain.

This method has the benefit of:


  • Using extremely tough materials. The Brawoliner material used to reinforce the pipes is German-researched and manufactured, ensuring a life expectancy of up to 50 years and often a better fix than pipe replacement.


  • Offering cheaper repair. Pipe relining can be 50% cheaper than pipe replacement, but still offers a durable, quality repair.


  • Requiring no excavation. Because the Brawoliner material can be inserted into a small keyhole which leads into the pipe there is no excavation required, saving you expensive damage and a lot of time.


Fast root damage unblocking and repair

As North Sydney is a leafy, tree-lined suburb tree root damage to pipes and sewers are some of the most common causes of plumbing issues. Tree roots can find cracks in pipes and widen them to allow their roots to enter the water system.


This damage normally requires an inspection to review the problem, a jet blast to clean out the roots and then relining the pipes with Brawoliner to ensure that the roots can’t enter the pipes again.

Require pipe repair or blocked drain services in North Sydney?

Issues with pipes and drainage can often grow serious fast if left untreated. Call us on 0404 879 929 now to secure your survey and fix in North Sydney today.

the relining company plumbing team with brawoliner machine