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In today’s busy environment, there is nothing worse than being delayed by something as simple as a blocked toilet or burst pipe in the backyard, which is why The Relining Company has made speed and efficiency one of our top priorities for our clients. This, combined with our long experience and innovative techniques, makes us some of the best plumbing providers today.

With stunning vistas across the harbour and an open bounty of nature and parkland, Cremorne is today one of the most sought-after places to live in Sydney. Stuffed to the brim with different styles of architecture, from art deco and federation style homes to modern apartment blocks, understanding the plumbing systems that run through Cremorne can be tricky. This makes access to an experienced plumber who understands the local infrastructure a boon to anyone looking to have work or repairs done in the area.

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Pipe Relining: A permanent fix

This system inserts a resin coated liner into your damaged pipes to create a new pipe within your old pipe. The flexible characteristics allow the product to manipulate around multiple bends which then sets hard to reinforce the integrity of your existing drain. As the liner is a continuous seamless seal this increases the flow and performance of your drain for a permanent fix. The method and approach taken by The Relining Company make our service the most suitable for customers looking for Pipe Relining in Sydney.

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We can provide many repair and restoration services for your pipes, including:

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Common issues we can fix using this service include:

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Cremorne Understanding Replacing vs Relining

In the past it was required to dig up the old pipes in order to remove them completely and replace with new pipes. This can be extremely expensive depending on factors such as accessibility and the potential destruction of the surrounding landscape.

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Replacing pipe sections

When replacing a section of pipe within an existing drainage system, plumbers are required to use rubber clamps known as “Plumb Quicks”.

Plumb Quicks are the only method of adapting a new section of PVC pipe to the old pipe.

Unfortunately this is only covered by a 6 year warranty under the fair trading act as a rubber fixture will get brittle with time and break down causing water from the drain to leak and tree roots to appear.

The inside of a pipe cut lengthwise


The relining option

Relining is a simple procedure that creates a seamless seal by injecting an epoxy resin into damage pipe, effectively creating a new pipe within the old pipe that is strong and completely watertight.

Not only does it stop the pipe from leaking but it also increases the integrity of the drain preventing further movement and damage.

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We can repair pipes that plumbers cannot get to. Whether it’s under a road or even below a tiled bathroom where you cannot simply replace the tiles.

Cremorne Why choose pipe relining over replacement?

Compared to the traditional method of repairing drains, Pipe Relining offers some distinct advantages including:

Cremorne Pipe Relining and Cleaning


More helpful details

We can reline any material pipe from: PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, Concrete, Victurius Clay Pipe.

We can reline pipes as small as 40mm in diameter and as large as 450mm.

No, most properties have an inspection port at ground level which is adequate access to reline a pipe. When this is not available we can also disconnect the toilet and access the pipe for relining purposes.

Pipe relining is a permanent solution. The life span of our material is over 50 years and we also offer a 35-year guarantee on all our work.

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Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson

Full marks to Steve and the team. They were professional, communicated well and did a good job at a competitive price. Would highly recommend them if you need your pipes... read more

Scott D

Steve’s team were absolutely flawless from start to finish. They provided a really clear recommendation, competitive quote and were super professional and trustworthy throughout. I’d book them again... read more

Nik Weber

Peter arrived on time, explained clearly what he needed to do, and worked very professionally, clearing a difficult blockage from our shared sewer. He identified a serious crack in the... read more

Max Robertson