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The Relining Company has been providing innovative plumbing services in and around Northbridge for over two decades. In that time we have learnt to understand local conditions and have built up the experience to offer excellent pipe relining and blocked drain services to our clients every single time we come on site.

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Named quite literally after an impressive federation gothic style bridge, Northbridge is famous for its family friendly atmosphere and plenty of open space. One of the greenest and most sought after places to live outside of the Sydney CBD, Northbridge has a number of nice parks, as well as cafes and wine stores. For any work done within Northbridge, it is always recommended to have an experienced plumber that understands the local architecture and conditions.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Northbridge include:



Northbridge Pipe Relining

Pipe replacement and pipe relining are the two most common ways of repairing a broken pipe being employed today. Pipe replacement is the process of digging out the broken pipe from the ground and replacing it with a new one. This technique is effective for repairing the pipe but relies on digging, which can be fairly destructive for the home and backyard.

Pipe relining on the other hand doesn’t require excavation of the old pipe, making it a much cleaner fix. It works by using a small keyhole to enter the pipe and then using epoxy resin to repair the damaged walls, repairing the cracks and faults without needing to dig out the pipe.


Pipe relining comes with a number of benefits:


  • Cutting out the old pipe is not required. With pipe relining the old pipe can stay in place, reducing the amount of damage to the home.
  • Significant lifespan. The technique offers a long 25 year guarantee on the repair.
  • Fantastic price. Pipe replacement takes more time and labour, which generally makes it more expensive then pipe relining.

Northbridge Pipe Repair for Root Damage

As one of Sydney’s most scenic neighbourhoods, Northbridge homes are prone to sustaining damage to their plumbing systems through tree root invasions of pipes. We offer high quality tree root removal and pipe repair services to deal with the root damage and fix the pipe without having to perform any excavation. We do this by using a high pressure jet to remove the roots from the pipe and then use our pipe relining method to repair the damage from the inside.


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