Longueville Pipe Relining

Our plumbing systems are often left forgotten until the moment when they stop working, at which point it’s a race to find a good quality plumbing provider before it is too late. The Relining Company has been offering innovative, high grade plumbing services to Longueville for decades, building a reputation for providing reliable services, every single time.

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First used by Europeans as a manufacturing and industrial sector, Longueville was slowly converted into a residential area in the 1870s. Today it is amongst the most expensive real estate in Sydney due to its prime position on the harbour. Its architecture is a mix of Victorian manors, Federation homes, Californian bungalows and modern waterfront houses. This means that there is no hard and fast rule about how the plumbing is structured within the home, making an experienced plumber who understands the area a must have for successful repair and maintenance.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Longueville include:



Longueville Pipe Repair

Pipe relining is an innovative method of repairing pipes without having to excavate the sections of plumbing that are damaged. It works by creating a small keyhole in the ground to reach the damaged pipe and then using air pressure to line the walls with epoxy resin. This material overlays the existing damage in the pipe and hardens, repairing the faults and cracks in the plumbing.

The advantages of pipe relining are:


  • Reduced chance of complications. Due to the fact that pipe relining doesn’t require excavation it reduces the chances of complications in the repair process.
  • Long lifespan. Pipe relining has a life expectancy of 50 year and a quality guarantee of 25!
  • Quality for less. Pipe relining is a high quality repair, for as little as half the price of pipe replacement.

Longueville Tree Root Damage Repair

Trees are constantly seeking water and if they find a small crack in a pipe they will exploit it, causing damage to the plumbing to get to the nutrients inside. Our specialised tree root damage repair services are refined through years of innovation and experience. We begin by examining the pipe through a thin camera and then remove the roots using a high pressure jet. Once that is done, we repair the pipe using our reline technique, ensuring a quality fix without excavation.


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