Mosman Pipe Relining

The way that we approach pipe repair and blocked drains has changed dramatically over the last few decades. While some plumbing providers have found it difficult to adapt, The Relining Company has adopted the new technologies and grown a reputation as a reliable and innovative pipe relining and blocked drain service provider.

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Located on the precipice of Sydney harbour, Mosman first began its career as a whaling station for European settlers and was an important point for defence and strategic military installations. Today however it is a residential and recreational area with everything from stunning federation homes to the famous Taronga Zoo. With its reputation as one of the best places to live in the city and its long construction history, Mosman requires a great pipe relining and blocked drain service provider to keep the plumbing systems working as they should.


The Relining Company pipe relining and blocked drain services in Mosman include:



Mosman Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has become the established way of repairing cracked or damaged pipes in Mosman. While previously repairing a pipe required digging out the old plumbing, pipe relining is designed to allow the damaged pipe to remain in the ground.

Pipe relining works by taking epoxy resin and relining the walls of the pipe with this material. This is done through a small keyhole, and once the epoxy resin is in place it hardens and becomes the new walls of the existing pipe.


The benefits of pipe relining are:


  • Excavation of damaged plumbing not necessary. With excavation unnecessary, pipe relining is generally much cleaner than pipe replacement.
  • Excellent longevity. Pipe relining is expected to last 50 years, with a quality guarantee of 25!
  • Affordable quality. Pipe relining is generally more affordable than pipe replacement because of the reduced time and effort it takes to complete.

Mosman Tree Root Damage Repair

The Relining Company has refined our technique for repairing tree root damage to pipes. This happens when the roots invade the pipe in search of water and cause structural damage to the plumbing in the process. To fix this kind of damage we cut out the roots using a high pressure jet and then reline the pipes with epoxy resin. This allows us to fix the cracks or faults in the pipe’s walls without needing to dig it out.


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