Commercial Project

ANZ Stadium

ANZ Stadium

About the Project:

The iconic ANZ Stadium venue was experiencing blocked drains in the Men’s bathrooms. During an event when the stadium is at its full capacity of up to 80,000 people, the drains are under extreme use and pressure.

The Problem:

We removed a toilet to gain access to the drain, and CCTV inspected it to find what caused the blockage. There were sections where minor tree roots penetrated the pipes and caused the drain to block. 

How We Fixed It:

We high-pressure cleaned the tree roots to prepare the drain for relining. Once this was done, we relined the damaged area sealing off that section to prevent the tree root from growing back within the drain causing any future blockages.

We saved the building the cost of having to shut down the bathrooms or to carry out any excavation work within the bathrooms. Centre Management was happy with the outcome, and we were delighted to have worked in such an iconic venue.

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