Commercial Project

93 Ocean St Woollahra

A tree in a neighborhood

About the Project:

This Strata building located on the famous Ocean St of woollahra which is renown for their large fig trees which creates a beautiful shade over the terrace homes. It is also renowned for large tree roots that climb over the footpaths and smash their way through the stormwater pipes below.  

The Problem:

 July 2020 The building experienced some major floods from the heavy rain. The main 225mm stormwater pipe that collects all the rainwater for the building was completely blocked with tree roots which stopped the water from exiting the building and caused it to overflow in the lower level units damaging carpet and floor boards.

How We Fixed It:

We attended onsite and found the problem in the first 30min that we were onsite when we inserted the drain camera into the terracotta pipes. After the body corporate accepted our quotation we relined the pipes using our Brawoliner Inversion lining method and sealed the pipe to stop tree roots returning.

Commercial Pipe relining project for 93 Ocean St Woollahra
Commercial Pipe relining project for 93 Ocean St Woollahra

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