5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Drains Are Blocked – And How Pipe Relining Can Fix Them!

Underground tree roots growing into a pipe

For homeowners, blocked drains may be a genuine pain. These may create a backflow of water, resulting in floods and property damage. Not to add the disagreeable smells associated with standing water. You are not alone if you are coping with a blocked drain. So, what causes drains to become clogged in the first place? This blog post will discuss the five unexpected causes of blocked drains and how pipe relining can clear them up.

Here are 5 Unexpected causes of blocked drains

1. Tree roots

Tree roots are one of the most frequent causes of blocked drains. When trees mature, their roots may enter neighbouring pipes and obstruct them. Once the roots are within the pipe, they can swiftly spread out and harm its interior. This may result in obstructions and leaks, which can be expensive. Thankfully, pipe relining is a reliable way to repair damage caused by tree roots. Pipe relining can stop tree roots from penetrating the pipes and creating obstructions by lining the pipe’s interior with a robust, long-lasting substance.

2. Grease accumulation

Grease buildup is another common reason why drains get clogged. Pouring grease and fat down the drain can cause blockages because they can harden. These obstructions may worsen and cause more serious problems over time. An efficient approach to get rid of grease accumulation and stop further clogs is pipe relining. Pipe relining can stop grease from adhering to the pipes and causing clogs by lining the interior of the pipes.

3. Unusual Items

Another frequent reason for blocked drains is foreign objects. Toys, paper towels, and other non-biodegradable items can clog pipes when flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink. These obstructions may occasionally be so serious that they call for pricey remedies. Yet, the problem can be resolved without excavation using pipe relining. Pipe relining can remove foreign objects and stop them from producing blockages in the future by lining the inside of the pipes.

4. Corrosion

Corrosion in pipes over time can cause clogs and leaks. Chemical reactions with the components in the pipes frequently result in corrosion. Corroded pipes may be repaired effectively with pipe relining. Pipe relining can stop corrosion and increase the lifespan of pipes by lining the interior with a sturdy substance.

5. Rubbish from Construction

Another typical culprit for clogged drains is construction debris. Debris from constructing a new structure, such as concrete, soil, and pebbles, might obstruct the pipes. This can necessitate expensive repairs and building outages. Consider pipe relining to get rid of construction waste and avoid further obstructions. Pipe relining can remove debris and stop it from clogging pipes in the future by lining the inside of the pipes.

Finally, clogged drains are a frequent issue for homeowners. The good news is that the problem can be fixed with workable remedies. Blocked drains can be cleared by pipe relining, which is economical, effective, and environmentally beneficial. Pipe relining can prevent future blockages and increase the lifespan of your pipes by treating the underlying source of the issue. Never be afraid to speak with a professional to explore your choices if you have a blocked drain.

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