Don’t Dig Up Your Yard! The Revolutionary Solution to Drain Pipe Relining

The conventional remedy for a sewer pipe leak or damaged drain pipe is to dig up your yard and repair the pipe if you’re a Sydney homeowner. On the other hand, drain pipe relining is a brand-new, ground-breaking approach that doesn’t involve digging. In this blog post, we’ll discuss sewer pipe leak repair in Sydney for homeowners and explain what drain pipe relining is, how it functions, and why it’s the ideal option.

What is relining of drain pipes?

A non-invasive technique for mending broken or dripping pipes is drain pipe relining. The pipe is fitted into the existing one rather than being dug up and replaced. This new pipe is constructed from a resilient substance, such as epoxy resin, which cures to create a brand-new, sturdy, seamless pipe inside the old one. By essentially building a new pipe inside the old one, this procedure avoids the need to dig up your lawn.

How Does Relining Drain Pipe Work?

Relining a drain pipe is easy and takes only a few hours. The basic steps are as follows:

Inspection: To assess the severity of the damage and spot any obstructions, a qualified plumber will examine your pipes using a CCTV camera.

Cleaning: After determining the extent of the damage, the plumber will use a high-pressure water jet to clean out the current pipe. Doing this removes any debris, accumulation, or obstructions that can obstruct the relining process.

Lining: The plumber will put the fresh pipe liner inside the old pipe. An epoxy resin is applied to the liner and hardens to form a new, strong pipe. Air pressure is then inflated into the liner, forcing the resin to adhere to the old pipe.

Curing: Since epoxy resin needs a few hours to cure, the new pipe needs some time to harden and join with the old pipe invisibly.

Inspection: To make sure the relining was successful and the new pipe is completely operational, the plumber will perform another CCTV inspection after the epoxy glue has had time to set.

Why Do Drain Pipe Relining in Sydney for Sewer Pipe Leak Repair?

For homeowners needing sewage pipe leak repair in Sydney, drain pipe relining is the best option for several reasons. To name a few:

It’s Non-invasive

Conventional pipe repair techniques call for digging up the pipe, which can be costly and disruptive to your yard and landscape. Relining drain pipes is a less invasive technique that doesn’t need digging or excavation. This saves you the trouble and money of restoring your landscaping while preserving your yard.

It’s Fast and Effective

Drain pipe relining is a quick and effective pipe repair technique. The procedure can usually be finished in a few hours, allowing you to resume your regular schedule without experiencing severe disruptions.


Drain pipe relining is frequently a more economical alternative because it requires less labour than conventional pipe repair techniques. You’ll spend less on labour and supplies, and you won’t have to worry about the additional landscaping and yard restoration costs.

It’s Sturdy and Long-Lasting

When drain pipes are relined, epoxy resin is utilised to create a brand-new, sturdy, seamless pipe that is incredibly robust and long-lasting. This means you can take comfort in knowing that your plumbing system is dependable and that you won’t have to worry about future leaks or pipe damage.

Sewer pipe leak repair in Sydney may now be accomplished through drain pipe relining. It is the perfect option for homeowners who want to avoid digging up their yard and upsetting their routine because it is quick, easy, affordable, and sturdy. Got questions? Talk to an expert at pipe relining.

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