Haymarket Pipe Relining


The Relining Company has been providing plumbing services in Haymarket and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years. We have seen it all from cracked pipes, broken sewers, kid’s toys in the toilet and grease built up in the kitchen.  Today we focus on using our long experience and extensive knowledge to provide high-quality fixes and reliable plumbing services to residences and businesses in Haymarket.

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Haymarket is one of Sydney’s most interesting suburbs, jam-packed with Chinatown, massive market complexes, Capitol Theatre and the University of Technology Sydney it has more than enough going for it. This also means that its plumbing needs are extremely varied from modern apartment complexes to older low rise buildings, it takes an experienced hand to understand and treat the various issues that crop up.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in Haymarket include:



Pipe relining has become the go to fix for plumbers looking to repair damage to pipes, sewers and drains without excavation of the old plumbing, which can take a long time, take significant resources and potentially damage the area that is being dug up.

Pipe relining works by using a small keyhole to introduce epoxy resin into the pipe and reline the walls. Epoxy resin then sets against the walls and becomes an extremely hard material, repairing any cracks, faults or damaged sections.


The advantages of pipe relining over pipe replacement include:


  • Durable pipe repair. Pipe relining is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of half a century!
  • No damage from excavation. Pipe relining doesn’t require excavating old pipes, which can damage gardens, driveways or the floors of a home.
  • Repairs for a lower cost. Pipe relining is a high quality fix but because it requires less manpower and time it is usually cheaper than pipe replacement.

Haymarket Tree Root Repair

While not as common as in other neighbourhoods tree damage to pipes still does happen in Haymarket, when roots find footholds in plumbing and widen existing faults to get as the nutrients inside.


Our tree root repair methodology involves cutting out the roots that have invaded the pipe, drain or sewer and then relining the walls with epoxy resin to repair the damage. This provides a drable, lasting fix without needing to dig out the old pipes.


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