Pipe Relining Tamarama

Pipe Relining Tamarama

Tamarama and its surrounding neighbourhoods have been a regular part of The Relining Company’s service area for many years. In that time we have built a reputation for getting on location fast, providing efficient services and performing high quality repairs every single time we get called out for a job. 

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Possibly deriving its name from the Aboriginal “Gamma Gamma” meaning storm, Tamarama has been a popular recreational area since the late 1800s. Today, it is a mostly residential neighbourhood known often as “Glamarama” for the influencers who allegedly sunbath along its shores trying to get noticed. Wedged between Bronte and Bondi, Tamarama is prime real estate and requires expert, dedicated pipe relining and blocked drain service providers to properly maintain the water and waste systems found in the neighbourhood.


The Relining Company pipe relining services for Tamarama include:

Our Pipe Relining Benefits

Pipe repair in the past was a labour and time intensive process that involved excavating the damaged pipe from the ground and then replacing it with a new one. While it might sound easy enough, it often meant having to break through gardens or floors to get to the pipes under the ground.

To help counteract this plumbers have invented a way of repairing pipes without having the remove them from the ground. Pipe relining involves using a small hole to enter the pipe and line the walls with a hardening material called epoxy resin, which sets against the walls of the pipe and repairs the cracks and faults without having to remove it from the ground.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • No trench required. Pipe relining doesn’t require the digging of a trench which makes it much less destructive than alternatives.
  • Exceptional fix. Pipe relining is a high quality repair with a life expectancy of 50 years.
  • Easy on the wallet. Pipe relining takes less time and labour than pipe replacement which can make it as little as half the price.

Tree Root Damage Repair

Like any beachside neighbourhood, Tamarama has plenty of foliage. While normally a good thing, this also means that root invasions of pipes are fairly common, as trees go looking for water and nutrients.


The Relining Company has been repairing this kind of blocked drain damage for a long time, and has been employing its relining technique with fantastic success to repair the plumbing without ever having to remove the tree or the pipe from the ground.

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