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The Relining Company has 20 years of experience in providing high quality, reliable and prompt pipe repair and blocked drain services all across the greater Bellevue Hill area. From simple blocked drain services to cutting edge pipe relining, we have the right tools for the job.

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Home to some of Sydney’s most affluent families Bellevue Hill has a long history. Its name means beautiful view, befitting a suburb that rests on the edge of the harbour overlooking some of Sydney’s best waterways. The historic nature of Bellevue Hill, however, also means that it comes with a long history of plumbing issues, caused by old piping, damaged drains and worn sewerage systems. Any home in Bellevue Hill serious about maintaining their plumbing system needs an experienced, reliable plumber that understands how to get the job done right.




Pipe Relining Services

In the past pipe repair meant having the dig out the damaged piece of pipe and replacing it with a new one. This would be accompanied by a number of issues, including being unable to find compatible pieces, the difficulty of digging out the old piping and the damage to the surrounding area.

Pipe relining services however provide Bellevue Hill with a smarter alternative. Instead of excavating the pipe, relining only requires a small keyhole to reach the drain, pipe or sewer. The pipe is then cleaned out and its walls are lined by an epoxy resin material which sets to become the existing pipe’s new walls.


This provides a number of benefits over traditional pipe repair:


  • Less damage to surrounding property. Without the need for excavation pipe relining is far less destructive, and can repair your pipes while leaving your garden or floor intact.
  • Long life expectancy. Pipe relining has a fantastic life expectancy of up to 50 years.
  • Saves time and money. Pipe relining, while more technical, definitely requires less time, less equipment and less manpower to perform, making it a much more cost effective service.

Bellevue Hill Tree Root Damage Repair

Tree roots, particularly in an area with an emphasis on nature like Bellevue Hill, can cause significant issues to plumbing systems by infiltrating and widening existing faults in the pipe. This can often be discovered as a result of a blocked drain.


We start our treatment by inspecting the damage using a CCTV camera, then clear out any tree roots and debris using a water jet and finally patch up the pipe using our pipe relining technique for a quality, long-lasting solution to your issue.

Pipe repair services in Bellevue Hill?

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