Pipe Relining Rose Bay

Pipe Relining Rose Bay

Plumbing issues can be extremely frustrating, from not being able to flush the toilet to not being able to fill a pot with water for dinner, it is one thing that really impacts all facets of your life. That’s why high quality and prompt plumbing services are in such high demand across the country. The Relining Company has been working in the Rose Bay area for over 20 years, and in that time made a name for ourselves as exceptional pipe relining service providers.

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Used by Europeans as early as 1788, Rose Bay is one of the oldest suburbs in Sydney. The site of Sydney’s first international airport, the location of returning prisoners of war after WWII and now a beautiful, exclusive waterfront suburb, Rose Bay is a mix of heritage listed buildings, large modern and estates and contemporary apartment blocks. This variety of infrastructure and architecture makes the plumbing system complex across the suburb, and a dedicated pipe relining and blocked drain service provider a must for anyone looking to maintain a healthy water and waste system in their home.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining services in Rose Bay include:

Our Pipe Repair Benefits

If you’ve gone outside to walk the dog and found your garden flooded or tried to flush your toilet only to get your toes wet then you know how debilitating a broken pipe can be. Traditionally, a broken pipe was fixed by excavating the old pipe and laying a new one in its place, which often led to issues like damage to the floors or landscaping of a home.

Today, The Relining Company deals with most broken pipes in a completely different way. We use a technique called pipe relining, which allows us to leave the pipe in the ground and simply use a small keyhole the line the inside of the pipe with epoxy resin, a material that sets hard against the walls of the pipe and repairs any cracks or broken sections.


The advantages of pipe relining include:


  • Trenchless repairs. The major advantage of pipe relining over pipe replacement is that it avoids the need for excavation, making repairs much cleaner and less destructive.
  • Long life expectancy. Life expectancy of pipe relining is 50 years, making it one of the most durable fixes on the market.
  • Affordable quotes. Relining takes less time and effort than pipe replacement, so is often significantly cheaper than traditional pipe repairs.

Rose Bay Tree Root Damage Services

Tree Root damage is common in Rose Bay and most often occurs when trees find loose joins in pipes, which they then infiltrate for the nutrients inside. While a serious problem, this is The Relining Company’s specialty. We go in with a camera and cutting tool to clear out the roots and then reline the walls of the pipe with epoxy resin, solving any blocked drain issue without excavating the pipe or the tree.

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