The Rocks Pipe Relining

The Rocks Pipe Relining

Whether washing out grease build up in kitchen drainage, pulling out foreign objects from the toilet or repairing damaged pipes out in the backyard, The Relining Company has made its name on providing quality pipe relining and blocked drain services every single time we get on site. With over 20 years of experience in The Rocks we ensure that every client gets the best plumbing maintenance and repairs available on the market.

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One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Sydney, The Rocks began its career as the ‘rough side of town’ populated by convicts and the city’s criminal elements. From a slum in the 1800s, The Rocks has grown into one of Sydney’s most prestigious residential, art and tourist areas, with a long history and stunning contemporary flourishes. This clash of history with modernity means that the plumbing systems in the suburb require an experienced, reliable pipe relining and blocked drain service provider to ensure proper maintenance of the waste and water systems.


The Relining Company’s plumbing services in The Rocks include:


Our Pipe Relining Services

Pipe repair has been undergoing a rapid transformation in recent years. Decades ago repairing a pipe really meant removing that pipe from the ground and replacing it with a new one. This was a laborious process that also risked damaging the surrounding property through the excavation.

Pipe relining on the other hand doesn’t require digging, but rather uses a small keyhole to enter the pipe and repair it from the inside by lining the walls with epoxy resin, a material that hardens against the walls and overlays the damage, allowing water to flow freely through the structure again.


The benefits of pipe relining include:


  • No digging required. Without needing to dig pipe relining becomes a much cleaner fix than pipe replacement.
  • Excellent life expectancy. The life expectancy of pipe relining is half a century making it a superb repair.
  • Saves time and money. Pipe relining is extremely cost effective because it takes less labour and time to complete than pipe replacement.

Tree Root Damage Repair

Not only is The Rocks a historic neighbourhood but it also has an abundance of flora that makes tree root damage to pipes not uncommon. This happens often in older homes where trees find small cracks or faults in pipes and then widen them to leech the nutrients found inside.


Repairing this kind of damage is our specialty. We inspect the damage with a camera and clean out the inside of the pipe without needing to dig it out, and then we repair the walls of the pipe with our relining technique so that the issue cannot reoccur.

Require pipe repair or blocked drain services in The Rocks?

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