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Providing high quality pipe relining and blocked drain services to Maroubra for the last two decades, The Relining Company is a highly experienced plumbing specialist that focuses on excellent customer service and understanding the technological developments in the field, so that we can provide our customers with the best repair and maintenance work available on the market today.

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Maroubra means “place of thunder” in the local Aboriginal language, and while being used as a residential neighbourhood since the 1800s, it really took off as an alternative to living in the city in the 1910s. Today it is a sought after place to live due to its proximity to the beach and laid back lifestyle. This long history however means that there are plenty of old and decaying plumbing systems around the neighbourhood, which makes having an experienced and knowledgeable plumber a must.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining service covers:


Pipe Relining Benefits

For those who haven’t heard of it before pipe relining has been a revelatory change in the way the plumbing industry approaches pipe repairs. In the past pipe repair was a real problem, as the only way to fix a pipe was to dig it up. This took time, labour, machinery and had the potential to really damage property if a garden or floor needed to be excavated.

Pipe relining however allows the damaged pipe to remain in the ground, and just uses a small entry hole to enter it and repair it from the inside by relining the walls with a material called epoxy resin. This material set rock hard and overlays any damage to the pipe, allowing water and waste to flow freely again.


Pipe relining has some fantastic benefits:


  • Tough pipe repair. Epoxy resin is an extremely strong material that once set in a pipe has a life expectancy of up to half a century!
  • Trenchless repair. With pipe relining there is no need to dig and thus less chance to damage your property in the repair process.
  • Lower price. Pipe relining is generally cheaper than pipe replacement because it takes less time and labour to perform.

Tree Root Damage Repair

Maroubra is a beautiful beachside suburb, which means there’s also lots of green to contend with. Trees will often invade faults or cracks in pipes to get at the moisture inside, and once they grab hold they can do a lot of damage. This can often cause blocked drains.


At The Relining Company we come in with specialist gear to inspect the damage and cut out the roots that have made their way into the pipe. We then use our relining method to repair the walls and stop the tree from entering in the same place again.

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