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The Relining Company has been servicing the homes and properties of Coogee for over 20 years. With a long history as trusted plumbing providers we have grown a strong reputation as the go to company for serious pipe repair and blocked drain services.

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With a name that means “smelly place” or “stinking seaweed” in the local Aboriginal language, Coogee is far from an unpleasant place. With calm waters it has become one of the go to places for families looking for a nice day by the ocean. With European settlement going back to the 1800s, however, it is also has some of the older properties and estates in Sydney, meaning that its plumbing systems can sometime be worn and damaged by time.


The makes having a trusted provider of pipe repair and blocked drain services in Coogee important for maintaining the functionality of your home. Our services in Coogee include:



No Dig Pipe Relining

Pipe relining has revolutionised the pipe repair industry. While in the past a broken or damaged pipe in Coogee meant days of work and significant damage to the home as the old pipes were removed and new ones laid in their place, pipe relining is now offering a much less destructive option.

Pipe relining works by using a small entrance to access the pipe. After clearing out any obstructions using a water lance, the pipe is then lined with an epoxy resin material called Brawoliner. This material then sets and becomes extremely hard, becoming the new walls of your existing pipe without ever having to dig out the old one.


There are numerous advantages to pipe relining:


  • No need to excavate the old pipe. Leaving the old pipe in place and simply repairing the walls internally through pipe relining means less time to complete and significantly less damage to your property.
  • A quality repair. This type of repair is a quality fix with a life expectancy of up to fifty years.
  • Cost effective service. While more technically demanding pipe relining also takes less time and less manpower to complete, making it up to half the price of pipe replacement.

Coogee tree root damage repair

One of the more common pipe, drain and sewer issues in Coogee is tree root damage. This type of damage occurs when trees infiltrate pipes using their roots and then expand, causing serious structural damage to the pipes. Often this can be discovered as a result of a blocked drain.


At The Relining Company, we specialise in clearing out these roots and then relining the walls of your pipes using our epoxy resin material to ensure that this type of issue cannot reoccur.

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