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An innovative and reliable partner for repairing pipes, sewers and drains, The Relining Company has been providing outstanding services to the Eastern Suburbs for over 20 years. We are constantly improving our offering to ensure that our customers have quick, efficient and durable solutions to their damaged infrastructure or blocked drains.


The Sydney CBD is a contrast of modern skyscrapers, quirky refits and beautiful historic houses. This means that each job is unique and needs to be handled with care and professionalism, from working to alleviate root damage in leafy, terraced streets to quickly unblocking drains in contemporary serviced apartments. This requires experience in the industry and a keen understanding of the problems that are common in each area of the Sydney CBD.


The Relining Company’s pipe relining and blocked drain services in the Sydney CBD include:

Our Pipe Relining Benefits

In the past pipe repair services involved digging a trench, removing the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. This required excavation and would involve days of work, heavy machinery and a lot of manpower, not to mention significant damage to your backyard, driveway or home’s floor.


Instead of engaging in traditional repairs The Relining Company employs an innovative technique of pipe repair called pipe relining. Pipe relining uses a small keyhole to access your damaged pipe, which is then coated with a pliable epoxy resin material. This material sets into an extremely hard substance which becomes the new walls of your existing pipe.

The advantages of pipe relining are numerous:


  • Less destructive than traditional repairs. While traditional repairs require excavation, pipe relining uses only a small keyhole to access your pipe, meaning there is no need to damage to your house or apartment to fix your drains or sewers.


  • Extended lifetime for your pipes. Brawoliner, the epoxy resin material used for the repairs, is manufactured in Germany and has a life expectancy of 50 years, meaning that it can be just as durable as replacing the pipe altogether.


  • A faster, more cost effective fix. Pipe relining takes far less time and manpower to complete than conventional pipe replacement, so it can also be up to half the price of a traditional repair.

Repairing root damage to pipes

Root damage is one of the most common causes of issues with drains and sewers. The roots, looking for water and nutrients, infiltrate the pipe and grow, causing significant damage to the walls and joins.


The Relining Company is an expert in cleaning out these roots with a high pressure jet and then relining the pipe with epoxy resin to ensure that the root cannot infiltrate the pipe again.

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